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I’ve been lucky enough to work with people doing some pretty important, serious stuff.

Social work, policing, health, public finances, planning, housing, community safety: it’s all critical work.

I’ve noticed that lots of people in the most serious jobs are very comfortable expressing a sense of humour.  As my mum often says: “if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry”. Laughing is a stress reliever and coping mechanism.

But in a time when public sector budgets are cut and services are being reduced – is it ok to joke or have fun in our communications?

I think that, if you judge it correctly, it’s great to show a sense of humour.  When we’re trying to work more closely with communities to deliver services in new ways, getting to know each other and sharing a smile is really useful in building trust.

But also, being entertaining is actually an effective way of getting people to notice you and hear your message.

Here are some of my favourite examples of funny tweets I’ve seen, that show organisations taking SOCIAL media seriously by having some fun.

1. “Not a scam”
Quick! Burgle something so you can qualify.

2. Just, ouch
Possibly the only people laughing here are those who haven’t had this thought.

3. Is this their first tweet?
I can’t say any more about this tweet, it’s top secret.

4. Responding to a smartarse
I love how this kid thought the police wouldn’t take notice of him but he got busted.

5. Your dog is ashamed of you
Hands up, I was behind this campaign to get people to scoop up their dog’s poo. Maybe not LOLz but an attempt to be memorable with cute dogs who don’t dig their owner’s behaviour.

These were the ones that popped into my head – are there more good examples of public sector tweets?