Philippa Davies: Comms Creative Q&A

For the second Comms Creative newsletter Q&A, we have the most creative person I know.  She’s a badass friend of mine who constantly fuels my imagination: Philippa Davies.

Philippa is a writing coach, best-selling writer and psychologist keen on community engagement.

She’s written for tv, radio, created apps, built and written websites, and published 13 books. ‘Irresistibility’ became a best seller after The Times serialised it, and ‘The Gritties’ got made into a double Wales BAFTA award-winning film.

She also had a great newspaper column in The Western Mail until she was sacked for being cheeky to the editor. 🤣

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Philippa Davies comms creativePlease tell us about yourself.

I’m Philippa Davies, smallholder; psychologist and writer; not-really-a-comms-person so also, impostor.

What are your creative strengths when it comes to comms? 

Not sure, but I am unattractively nosy, like to experiment and love to play around with software. Indeed, I find activity like animation incredibly relaxing. My view is that most comms is community building.

Who is your creative hero?  

David Byrne, because he is out there and constantly experimenting.

OMG me too! I’ve loved him for ages and then heard him on Desert Island Discs and was more obsessed.

OK, so what is the piece of creative work you’ve seen that you wish you’d done, or that you’d like to see more of in comms?

I would like to have written ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’. A single line of genius.

What advice would you give to a comms professional to help them tap into their creativity?

‘Only connect’ is good, as is ‘Get over yourself’.

Recharge your messages by turning them into cartoons, poems, soundscapes, impressionist paintings and invented dishes.

Ask: if this message was a meal component, what would it be? (Beware too much mashed potato).

Become oddly fanatical. I am quite uncomfortable writing here as have taken a vow to only communicate via video. Next time, Helen, please offer me this option.

Haha, OK. What projects are you working on right now? 

My students get this: Lust, loathing and licentiousness in rural West Wales are also on my radar…

Yes, you’ve sensed right: I experience non-stop twitching!

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