Could you work with your brother or sister? Introducing my new business manager, Lel

Jul 18, 2019

Hey!  I have taken on my first permanent member of staff, and guess what? 

She’s my big sister!

Introducing Lel Reynolds: bringing order, ideas and loveliness to The Comms Creative College!

I couldn’t think of anyone better to help me grow my business than Lesley (or Lel, as I’ve called her since I could speak).

Hel and Lel

She’s my Business Manager, and will be the organised yin to my slightly more chaotic yang!

We’re both creative and we get on like a house on fire, so you should find us fun to work with.

Lel has a background in education, so will help me lots with making the Comms Creative College learning experience effective and enjoyable.

I always enjoyed working independently, but the time has come where I need the help and ambition to grow my business so I can train more talented marketing and comms pros in creative social media.

The new role

Lel will:

  • Look after students on my online courses, making sure they get the best experience and all their questions answered throughout
  • Do all the organisation stuff like invoices, admin stuff and basically everything that I am rubbish at
  • Help me during training workshops and give me inspiration and ideas so we can grow the business together!
  • Help me design training and courses
  • And, of course social media, too

I’m lucky enough to have an adorable family (my brother and mum also couldn’t be more supportive), and so it feels like a pretty exciting and natural step to take.

Could you work with your brother or sister?


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Hel Reynolds

Hel Reynolds

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Hel is social media trainer and boss of Comms Creatives. She has been working in comms since 2005, and has been brushing up her expertise in social media for brands since the good old days of MySpace. She also draws the Comms Cartoons, and is usually attached to a mug of coffee.

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