Business advice for comms consultants and freelancers

The business advice for the comms consultants and freelancers that I see often feels a bit generic.

Get a good accountant!

Find a gap in the market!

Under promise and over deliver!

Right. Done that.

That helps a business function – it doesn’t help it grow.

I have a creative brain, and I wanted to know different ways of running a business that would help me develop something that excites me, and my clients, and attracts new cool customers.

Something specific to my industry.

When I looked at business courses, they all seemed geared to corporate leadership, management and raising capital for a start-ups.  Which does sound fascinating, but is not massively practical for my little operation.

I just want to be independent, earn more and make a bigger impact without turning into the next word-famous unicorn.

In the last six years, I’ve learned from the world of advertising, creative industries, entrepreneurs, tech and small businesses.

I’ve done courses, read books, attended conferences, listened to weeks of podcasts, spoken to a zillion successful people.

Here is are the three main things I wish I’d known abut running a business, before I figured it out.

  1. THINK LIKE A BUSINESS OWNER, NOT LIKE AN EMPLOYEE:  Stop looking for permission


  2. STOP CHARGING DAY RATES: Change how you charge for services


  3. WHAT TO SPEND ON: See money spent as investment not a cost

I’ve blogged about each of these individually.  Have a read!  I hope it helps.

In summary, you only create magic with your business when you stop thinking like an employee, and start thinking like an entrepreneur.

These are just a few of areas we develop and learn about in our Comms Entrepreneurs Business Course & Club.

I wanted a business club I’d actually like to join.

  • One where we all understand and value each other’s expertise.
  • We share opportunities and help each other grow.
  • We learn the secrets to making our businesses take off.
Not just everyone selling stuff to each other, like in some of those local ones.
In the last six years, I’ve learned from the world of advertising, creative industries, entrepreneurs, tech and small businesses.
I’ve condensed everything I know into one 8 week course, and stuck it in a club for comms professionals.
Lesley and I will be honoured to build and join a network of talented people who achieve whatever it is they want from their career and life.


The unscrupulous, arrogant, & piss-poor need not apply

We want to see the decent, kind, skilled comms pros make it big.

It’s time for good eggs to have wild business success.

  • Make more money
  • Free more time
  • Build a business you love

This is a course & club exclusively for lovely consultants & freelancers, who want to be amazing, build a strong brand, and be a force for good in the world.

 Take a look.

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