Comms Business advice: money you spend is investment, not a cost

Much of the money you spend is investment, not a cost to your business.

But so many freelancers and consultants scrimp when it comes to buying themselves tools, software and training.

I was a tight as a duck’s arse for my first few years in business.  

The only things I spent money on was a shoebox-sized office, and an accountant.

And I disliked paying for those!

Spending money when I barely had enough to pay myself felt wrong as hell.

But I soon realised the money I spend on my office helps me have a quiet place to work, so I’m more productive. 

And the accountant saves me time and stress, so I can more effectively do what I’m best at.

I had been unwilling to spend much on conferences, training, and business coaching.  It felt like a huge cost.

Could I afford it?

The question, it turned out, was ‘could I afford not to?’

Because I didn’t want to keep working myself to the bone for just enough cash to get by.

I realised that investing in my development would help the business grow. 

I did loads training, and joined a business club.

And, who’d have thought it, I was right!

I’ve made back at least 50 times the money I spent on training and membership – by learning how to sell my services, understanding how to save time, and getting great business advice.

Decide what your business needs to go in the direction you want it to – and invest in support to help you get there.

It’s a sound investment.

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If you want to join a group of comms professionals who run their own business, and get all the advice and support you need to thrive, take a look at the Comms Entrepreneurs Business Club.

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