Comms business advice: stop looking for permission

If you are a freelancer, consultant or small business owner, it can be hard to stop looking for permission.

Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking like an employee, not like an entrepreneur.

Brilliant things I have done that went against the advice of friends and peers:
  • I quit a well-paid job in PR after 5 weeks 
  • I decided to rent a bigger office and employ Lesley, my magnificent sister
  • I moved my courses online, when nobody else in comms was doing it.
None of these seem conventionally wise, or risk-free decisions. Nobody gave me the OK.

It can be quite brave to not have someone else giving you the go-ahead. 


Especially if you suffer from imposter syndrome. 

There is comfort in having a boss approving decisions, because you’re not fully accountable if you then fail.
But waiting for permission will hold you back.
When I re-set my goals and re-positioned my brand, I knew some people wouldn’t get what I do, or like it.
But as my business has thrived, I have had an immense feeling of pride and achievement that my business decisions have succeeded.
The stuff I failed at, just got binned, tweaked or forgotten.

There is no right way to do things. 

Nobody needs to grant you approval or authorisation before you take action.
You can do what you want.

Isn’t that fabulous?

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