Imperfectionism – the key to success

One of the most important skills of the modern professional is IMperfectionism.

It’s not easy.

Because many of us see perfectionism as standing for things that employers ask for: like  attention to detail, and having high standards.

But it’s imperfectionism that drives success, and it’s imperfectionism that is true leadership.

Here’s why.

Imperfectionism: let stuff go

Because our jobs involve:

▪️A workload that’s never done
▪️A head full of amazing ideas
▪️Always-on culture

…it means we have to accept that not everything can get dealt with.

To have break & rest we need to shake off feelings that we didn’t complete all the things we wanted to do.

That project or task you think HAS to get done but might break you.

Don’t do it.

Or you can delegate, extend deadlines of course – but consider not doing it.

In a year from now, will it really matter that you didn’t do it?

Prioritise, or sink.

Imperfectionism: ignore your teachers

Not everything we do at work on can be done at 100% effort – forget that thing teachers told us about always doing our best.

That’s the worst ‘common sense’ advice you can ever take.

Sometimes, and often, good enough is good enough.

When you reduce effort and time spent in some areas, it frees you to have the energy required to be switched-on & produce SOME creative work of high quality.

Great work can’t happen when you’re juggling every ball. Make space in your life to do something truly excellent.

A year in your career of a few amazing projects, along with some adequate work, EASILY beats lots and lots of bog standard stuff, that you never feel satisfied with.

Imperfectionism: reality check

In an always-on culture, it’s wise to set realistic personal boundaries & prioritise them over professional expectations.

Because your employer is an industry & not a friend, you can’t rely on it to act in your best interests.

There’s no honour in burning out. No awards arrive.

Oh, and by the way – nothing is perfect.

Nobody can be a perfect employee.

So don’t judge yourself against a standard that’s impossible.

Those are my thoughts on the joys of imperfectionism.

If there are typos in this post, I can live with them.

Look after yourself 😘

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