FIGHT! How traditional and social media battle to be the most important 👇

Jul 24, 2023


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Traditional and social media are at war.

This video shows the story of journalists having a (very subtle) pop at social media creators.

I can relate.

For decades, (whether it’s unfair or not) communications and PR people took on the chin all the snide references from journalists that we are on ‘the dark side’, that we spin, and don’t have the same integrity as a profession.

We comms people complain a bit amongst ourselves, but suck it up and get on.

All our skills and professionalism is hidden behind the scenes and we’re used to even our loved ones not knowing exactly what we do.

Creators, though – they aren’t letting it go.

The argument to be made against social media influencers is that they’re not all rigorously trained to high journalistic standards, and don’t have an understanding of media law and reporting guidelines.

But these creators are probably more of a threat to traditional media than PR and comms ever was.

They’ve got huge followings, more opportunities to hold on to their independence, more freedom and fewer layers of management approval.

Many are more in touch with what their audiences want, more creative, more entertaining.

Podcasters and Tiktokers command huge audience for hours and hours. Without needing to have gone to Oxford, or having a contact book stuffed with powerful people. Without overheads and shareholders to pay.

So traditional media companies take stabs at social media players. And then they retaliate.

🥊 TV news anchors V TiKToK’s news daddies

🥊 Radio V podcasts

🥊 Lifestyle mags V lifestyle bloggers

Traditional v social media: which side will you pick in the fight? 🤔😎

I actually think that there is room for both not just to coexist but to complement each other, and offer us a full range of information and analysis.

But a battle seems to rumble on!


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