We believe all communications professionals need support to:

  • Grow your skills, and keep up-to-date with new trends and techniques – that’s what our courses and classes help you do
  • Build your confidence  – that’s why we set tasks and give you homework and guides to quickly put your learning into practice, and have session that motivate and inspire
  • Develop your creativity and relieve stress – that’s what our creative experiences are about.

So what exactly are the creative experiences?

They are online session that get you to:

  • Take a 60 minute break from work – taking breaks makes you more productive, less stressed and more creative
  • Try something you might not have done before – because new experiences are proven to make you more creative
  • Have fun and smile – scientists have found a strong link between happiness and creativity. And these sessions are a lot of fun.

So by joining our enjoyable sessions, you’ll be more motivated, productive, de-stressed and creative.

Members of our Comms Creatives Academy get access to all of our training – courses, masterclasses, toolkit, and creative experiences.

If you want to join a session and you’re not a member yet – let us know.

Sometimes we’ll have a spare place or two on the session, and we’ll try our best to bring in a few deserving and lovely guests to try out what it’s like to be a member.

Simply email Lesley@commscreeatives.com and tell her which one you’d like to join.

No guarantees though! Some will be booked up to the max.  But if you don’t ask, you don’t get.