Comms Creatives Principles 💛 Authenticity at all costs Nothing we do is about turning anyone into something they’re not. We focus on developing existing creative strengths, rather than zeroing in on weaknesses. We’ll help you with real world strategies, not fancy-sounding theory that doesn’t work in practice. We’re a certified no-BS zone, for our team and our clients. 🚀 Progress, not perfection We’re all about moving in the right direction, not taking shortcuts, or forever chasing perfection. We don’t demand perfection from ourselves, our team, or our clients: we just have the courage to keep taking steps to get better and better. When you look back, it’s the smallest changes that have the lasting impact! 🦋 Bravery as standard Staying the same and doing things how you always did them – that’s safe. It takes bravery to try new things. We don’t need you to be totally out there, but we do want you to join us in pushing ourselves just a little each week. Get that thrill from being just a little bit bolder, more creative, and do the things that give you butterflies.