#CommsCreative challenge 1: Draw a sketchnote

Challenge 1: Draw a sketchnote (20 minutes-ish)

comms creative challenge draw a sketchnote
I doodled this one – it lacks clarity or structure but I enjoyed doing it, and it only took the time it took me to watch the video!

We’ve all seen sketchnotes, and been in awe at how beautifully the artists draw the letters and pictures.

I love the drawings Hayley Lewis shares, which creatively make key points about her expert subject, organisational psychology.

Writing by hand and drawing by hand appears to improve our ability to remember things. Also I find the more I sketchnote, the more it helps me to be more visually expressive and to structure ideas more clearly.

We don’t have to be artists to have a go – and sketchnoters around the land won’t have to give up their day jobs!

We’re simply playing with this a more visual way of note-taking.

1. Get out a pen and as large a piece of paper as you can find. 

If you’re feeling fancy, you can use Sharpies, or coloured pencils, or a couple of different coloured marker pens.  But a good old black biro will do.

2. Watch ONE of these videos:

Or another TED Talk you’re interested in.  I watched this one on New Yorker cartoons.

3. While you’re watching, doodle

  • In the middle of the paper, write the title of the video, or the central theme of the talk.
  • Put a circle around it, or something snazzier if you like.
  • All over your paper start writing down some key quotes or points that the speaker makes.
  • Any words, or things that seem related or relevant as you watch, doodle them too.
  • Also doodle a few symbols and pictures that illustrate the words. Anyone can doodle and create simple shapes. Stick men and women will be fine!

4. Take a photo of your picture and tweet and Instagram it!

Use the hashtag with #CommsCreative so we can find it.

How did you find it? Was it hard? Liberating?  Did you take longer so you could decorate it more?

Your first challenge is complete.

Here are some of the lovely creations from the #CommsCreative posse:

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