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Workshop: ‘Social Media SOS’ crisis communications training

Social media crisis comms training workshop

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
Benjamin Franklin

Reputation management has changed.

What will you do if you suddenly get hundreds of angry tweets/Facebook comments about something your organisation has done?

No organisation is perfect and one day, you will face criticism.

Social media makes managing the situation different: faster, bigger, cheaper, wilder.

•  How will you inform your senior managers and other staff of the situation?

•  How will you ensure you don’t make things worse?

•  How quick will your response be?

We’ll get you planning for the worst, so you can make the best if any situation that arisies.

Every crisis can be an opportunity

This ‘Social media SOS’ workshop covers theory, case studies and a fun ‘how we will cope with the absolute worst’ interactive session in groups.

We look at the art of apologising, hitting the right tone, which channels to use, media management and more.

Everyone takes part in a highly realistic simulated social media crisis exercise – where delegates can apply what they have learned to effectively manage when a crisis or difficult story erupts online.

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One-day masterclasses for up to 8 people: £2500+VAT*

One-day masterclasses for up to 16 people: £3000+VAT*