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• Learn to make more creative content 

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• Adopt an engaging tone of voice that helps your audience to love your brand


It’s the most popular way we help comms pros to  become social media experts!

November 4th 2021,
1pm - 4pm

LIVE: Content Planning Bootcamp

If you want inspiration but also get the planning work done, all in one afternoon, this online content planning workshop is for you. It’s productive, fun and inspiring! You also get access to our time-saving, creativity boosting content calendar.

December 2nd 2021,
1pm - 2.30pm

LIVE: Understand Facebook Ads

Our special guest expert will show you how to make adverts that make an impact and deliver results.  This lesson is especially useful for comms professionals in not-for-profits and the public sector.

Whether it’s a focus group, or for community chat – your Facebook groups need a little love to get going. Hel teaches you the steps to make your brand’s Facebook group thrive, and how to creat content that engages your community.

A guide to TIKTOk For Your BRAND

An introduction to TikTok for public services, charities and other serious organisations. It’s not just teenagers dancing  about! Learn how to use it to meet your comms objectives, and spur your creativity.

Every successful brand Instagram needs a basic strategy to make it work. This class is designed for comms pros who want to learn the strategies used by top Instagram experts.


Write your brand's social media strategy

Your step-by-step guide to writing a successful social media strategy for your not-for-profit brand.


• Learn what should be in your strategy.

• Discover how to write a strategy that gets buy-in

• Get inspiration and support to design your high-performing strategy


Commission your own course:

Bespoke online training and advice created just for your team

Get a social media makeover! Tailored teaching for comms pros – remote or hybrid.

Create your brand’s own social media strategy with support from Hel Reynolds

Confidently manage a crisis on social media, and protect your brand’s reputation