Masterclasses and challenges

Our online courses get better results, offer a stronger sense of community, and make students more confident than traditional classroom training.

Courses are delivered as online video training – either live video streamed to your team wherever they work, or in pre-recorded video modules. 

Experience our unique learning system, based on the latest learning psychology, and boost your creativity and skills today!

Social MEdia strategy masterclass

Take your social media up a notch. Learn all you need to include in a strategy and how to take the best approach for your organisation. Tailored teaching, discussions and worksheets. Discover more..

Social MEdia Crisis comms masterclass

Everything you need to manage a reputational crisis on social media. Understand the risks, and be prepared for when the sh*t hits the fan. Tailored teaching, discussions and worksheets. Discover more…

The Creative Social MEdiA Masterclass

Get a social media makeover!  We design a bespoke class that covers the skills gaps in your team. Get advice and a huge dose of inspiration.
Tailored teaching, discussions and worksheets. Discover more…

Internal Comms masterclass

Learn creative enterprise social media (ESN) content techniques to excite and delight your workforce.  Comes with 52 weekly template posts! Discover more…

Social Media CONTENT masterclass

Learn the most effective secrets of engaging content, and get plenty of inspiration, coaching and support from Hel. This will change how you do social media! Discover more…

The Creativity CHallenge

Discover and practice easy techniques to bring brilliant ideas and creative approaches to your day-to-day communications. Make people excited by what you say. Sign up for only ten quid…

Linkedin CHallenge

Learn how to unleash creativity on Linkedin, and build a valuable network. We will make and publish creative posts that get people talking and seeing you as an expert in your field. Discover more…

TIKTOK CHallenge

Get to grips with TikTok, and take part in a creative challenge that’s lots of fun! You learn how to use it, get inspiration on what to post, and have a go yourself at making engaging TikTok videos. Discover more..

FAcebook CHallenge

Learn how to use your Facebook page to grow brand awareness, and publish creative posts that get your audiences talking to you. Get those likes, comments and shares rolling in! Discover more..

Our approach to creative learning

Learn then do

Once you've discovered a new technique, we help you to put it into practice straight away. Theory is great, but there is no greater learning than when you just give it a go.

Creativity is key

Sometimes, when the day-to-day work keeps piling in, you can lose your creative mojo. Our training is designed to reawaken your amazing ideas and attention-grabbing delivery.

Be FearLess

As well as giving you new skills we aim to build your confidence in what you do. You're braver than you think and cleverer than you know - let's do this!.

Get in touch to arrange a bespoke communications course to help your organisation.
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