A creative online course on social media, for busy comms and marketing pros

Confidently make creative social media content that your audience will love

Hands up if:

⇒ You’re expected to create social media content on corporate and dry topics, and then make them go viral

⇒ Your workload means you don’t have time to make great content

⇒ You get inspired by courses, but then lose steam and go back to your old way of working

You’re not alone.

And there’s something you can do to make your audiences go from snoring to seduced!

While understanding the realities of working in comms and marketing, this course will teach you how to make your organisation’s content engaging.

In three hours of study per week, you’ll take your skills to the next level, and get brilliant results from your work that you can be proud of.

Learn the most effective secrets of content, and get 9 weeks of inspiration, coaching and support from UK Social Media Marketing Awards winner, Hel Reynolds.

Learning outcomes

⚫  Gain confidence
So you’ll know what to post and feel sure you’re doing the right thing

⚫  Develop the skills to create thriving social media communities
Your audiences will go from bored to buzzing

⚫  Create a plan
That will save you time and ensure your content appeals to your audiences

⚫  Get recognition
As well as achieving the Creative Content Expert Certificate, you’ll be able to show colleagues and peers you are a trusted social media expert

  Stand out from the crowd
You’ll create life-long habits that will have a huge impact on your effectiveness at work

Live weekly interactive tutorials with Hel

Join live video lessons every Monday morning: watch, chat and ask questions during the session, or catch up later on the replay.

Downloadable resources and planners

Access to easy-to-use guides, templates, charts and worksheets - these will help you embed your learning and be a reminder later on

Weekly homework tasks with feedback

This practical course develops your skills every week. You'll do as you learn, and form a habit of using these techniques in your work every day.

An active online study and support club

Students get membership of an exclusive private group on Facebook to share ideas and ask questions. The community is a place where we network and help each other.

You'll achieve 'Content Expert' status

When you complete the course you'll gain the Comms Creative Content Expert certificate. You'll be marked on one piece of project work which you complete over the course of the 9 week programme.

One year of access to all training materials

So you can look back at videos and resources to refresh your knowledge or get some inspiration. You can also opt to take the course in your own time if it turns out time isn't on your side.

Your tutor and coach, Hel Reynolds

Hel is social media expert who has worked in and with communications and marketing teams for 15 years.

She’s on a mission to get you feeling creative, fearless and proud of your work.

Get her on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Insta or join the Comms Creatives Club for lots of interesting chats and advice on unleashing your creativity.

Course curriculum

Week 1: Re-setting our social media thinking

Understanding the new rules of content. Including: How audiences behave - the psychology of sharing; What works on different channels; how algorithms affect our work; Understanding the Comms Creative Content Method.

Week 2: Your social media strategy (part 1)

First steps in applying the Comms Creative Content Method to get maximum results- goal setting; audience segmentation, and culture maps. Including: Prioritising SMART objectives; Prioritising audiences; Culture mapping.

Week 3: Creative content techniques (part 1)

Audience booster content. Including: A menu of conversation content types that will always get your audiences talking. Cases tudies and practical ways of implementing these content types for maximum impact.

Week 4: Creative content techniques (part 2)

Flipped stories, social copywriting, Including: Making your stories and promotions more audience-focused; Irresistible copy and hashtags for tweets, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

Week 5: Creative content techniques (part 3)

How to design and create great video and visuals. Including: The elements of a video that gets watched to the end; Designing a storyboarded video; The elements of an engaging graphic.

Week 6: Optimise content for the channels

The content that works best on each channel. Adjust your content to make the most of each channel's culture and features. Including: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook pages and groups, and Instagram posts and Stories

Week 7: Creative content techniques (part 4)

The art and science of storytelling on social media. Including: Key storytelling elements that bring your story to life; Which stories work on which platforms. This one will help you on social media and beyond!

Week 8: Strategy (part 2)

Content planning. Including: Your core content planner; Plan and implement your commenting strategy; Considering lead magnets; Last minute content; Personal goal-setting and accountability.

Week 9: Get your colleagues behind your social media strategy

Getting management and staff buy-in. Goal setting for internal influencing; Internal networks - the power/interest plan ; Sharing good practice; A template for internal reporting; Tackling internal and external obstacles.

Pricing options

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Pay by invoice to your company.