Get approval to take the Social Media Expert Course

With limited training and comms budgets, it can be hard to make the case for taking a course.  But your development is IMPORTANT!

Here is a template email you can send to the person who decides.

(Or maybe you’re the person who decides – in which case, here’s why your colleague should attend!)

Edit as needed, and show them the benefits of investing in you.

Dear [manager/training manager name],

I would like the opportunity to join the Social Media Expert Course a year long-training programme for comms and marketing professionals.

The Social Media Expert Course provides live online training, teaching strategic and tactical skills that will boost our social media engagement and help me develop my creative content skills.

The course will give me the opportunity to build on my knowledge, learn new trends and skills that will improve our social media, and grow my confidence and expertise.


The programme is designed to dramatically increase our social media engagement with a proven social media content system.

For this quality and level of training, the programme is excellent value.

The return on investment will be huge.

As the training is practical, I would be able to very quickly use the learning in my work, so we quickly see higher engagement rates in our social media communications and more creative, effective content.

And it is also a long term investment in my professional development, as I can network with other communications and marketing professionals, and once I complete the Social Media Expert Course I would gain the Social Media Expert certificate.

We will get particular value from the module on [insert topic that’s important to you or your organisation].

The full course programme can be found here.

I will also be able to share what I learn with the team and others in the organisation, so colleagues can all achieve higher engagement with our audiences.


I want to take the course so I understand and can implement the newest and most effective communications techniques.

The trainer, Hel Reynolds, has won many communications and PR awards, including the 2018 Social Media Marketing Awards. She has an exemplary reputation for training communications professionals.

You can see the excellent reviews from former and current students here.

Costs, location, duration

The cost is £999+VAT per person to join the programme.

Lesson are live, and the time commitment would be around 3 hours a week (allowing for two hours teaching, 30 minutes discussions, and 30 minutes to complete short homework tasks), for 9 weeks.

All training is all online, and so it saves the financial and environmental cost of travel and accommodation.

Being online and available any time for me to catch up on, means it is also very flexible.

I am keen to book as soon as possible, as our team has important work to implement and we need to make our communications as engaging and sharable as we can, to ensure we make an impact.

I’d be so grateful if you’d consider this opportunity for me to develop my skills, and bring the organisation even more value from my work.