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How to rebrand – insight from the comms team at RHP Group

Event: How to rebrand
– an interview with RHP Group

◍ What does a re-brand involve?

◍ How could you re-brand your organisation in a way that truly meets the goals of your organisation?

◍ Can you develop your organisations’s brand in-house in the comms/marketing team, or would you need you bring in an agency?

Hel Reynolds will examine these ideas with a very special interview with the comms team at London housing provider RHP Group.


When: March 4th, 11am

Cost: Free

Where: Comms Creatives Club on Facebook (join now to take part)


◍ Chloë Marsh, Head of People, Communications & Engagement

◍ Claire Bridge, Communications and Engagement Advisor

◍ John Neugebauer, Marketing & PR Advisor

The RHP team have had fantastic results from their fabulous re-brand, which was nominated for a Drum Content Award last year.

We’ll talk about

◍ How they came up with the ‘Connect with Home’ brand concept.

◍ How they get their customers to connect emotionally, socially and digitally with the homes they provide them

◍ What they learned, and their tips for other organisations who want to re-brand

‘Connect with Home’ is underpinned by a poem which has been written based around tenants’ experiences.

Get in The Comms Creatives Club to join us live on March 4th 2021.