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Course: Develop your personal brand – communications career development

communications career devlopment“Communications career development isn’t just about learning comms skills, it’s about leadership.”

Are you an ambitious communications professional, but you don’t want to be a career climber who gets on by trampling on others?

Do you have ideas and projects you’d like to get supported, but need a plan that will help you do it?

Would you like some techniques and advice on how to be more respected and known by your employers and your peers?

You CAN turbo charge your career, and be a nice person to know.

And why not use our communications skills on ourselves? We can contribute to the improvement of the reputation of PR and communications.

In this day-long communications career development course, we:

  • Define your comms career goals and personal strengths
  • Identify the people who can help you achieve your goals
  • Building an online brand that will get you known and increase your influence
  • Templates, tricks and techniques to win trust and boost your impact
  • Reawaken your enthusiasm and passion for your work

Not bad for one day’s learning and development.

Book a masterclass for your team. 

One-day masterclasses for up to 8 people: £1999*

One-day masterclasses for up to 16 people: £2499*