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How to make more engaging social media content – a masterclass

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engaging social media content

Communications and marketing teams – do you want to know the secrets of engaging social media content?

Have you ever wondered why nobody seems to like or share your Facebook posts?

Do you think your tweets should get more attention?

You CAN get more likes, shares and comments.

If you know you have a great story to tell, and you’d like to discover techniques and creative ways to make engaging social media content, book this course for your team.

Get inspiration, advice and practical exercises in a one-day creative content workshop, covering:

  • The principles of engaging social media content
  • 12 content types for easy engagement
  • Copywriting for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and blogs
  • Storytelling techniques for social media
  • Loads more tips and tricks that you can use straight away

💥 You’ll also get access to my worksheets and checklists, including creative content ideas and suggestions, and everything you need to inspire your organisation’s social media content.

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One-day masterclass for up to 8 people: £2499*

One-day masterclass for up to 16 people: £2999*

*This is the complete price as VAT is not payable.
Prices include Hel’s travel and accommodation within the UK.
For classes in the Republic of Ireland, there is a surcharge of £450.

Cannot tell you everything I’ve learnt from the #EngagingContentClass as there’s not enough characters! Amazing training and the biggest thing for me is “#socialmedia, not corporate media”. We might be a brand but that doesn’t stop us being human! PS thanks for the chocolate! 🤤

— Jade Schumann (@JSchx__) October 24, 2018

Brilliant day at @HelReynolds #EngagingContentClass. Key takeaway: know your audience!!

— Mike Underwood (@Varkio) October 24, 2018