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Online course: Plan behaviour change campaigns that help people make better choices

Behaviour change theory is all about coming up with solutions to the big challenges we face today; changing behaviours to turn that into reality. ​

And of course, driving all of this through better and more strategic communications. ​

Climate change, recycling, health, sustainable travel and managing finances are just some of the areas where behaviour change techniques can make a huge, huge difference, often at lower cost than traditional communications. ​

Whether you want to encourage people to start a positive behaviour like attending a training course, to changing an existing behaviour like saving more or stopping something bad, like smoking, then this course is right for you.

This online course will:

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When: May 22nd 2023*, 10am – 3pm

Where: Zoom

Price: £499+VAT

  • Teach you about behaviour change theory and how you can apply it to real-life scenarios you face on a daily basis.
  • Help you define behaviours – what is a behaviour? How do you encourage people to change their behaviours? How do you overcome barriers to change?
  • Give you some fun creative tips and tricks to get the best out of your campaigns, using behavioural frameworks so you can be sure you’ll do things that work

We will also look at how you can evaluate your campaigns ensuring that you can measure the difference they have made.

There will be lots on theory and strategy along with top tips and inspiration from your tutors, Dominic Ridley-Moy and Hel Reynolds.

Learn how to apply behaviour change techniques

This interactive workshop is suitable for communications and marketing professionals who have no, or some understanding of behaviour change theory and campaigns.

Our online behaviour change course is live & interactive + also:

😀 Recorded: so watch back whenever you need a refresher

😀 Handy: you can walk downstairs from your bedroom to the class

😀 Creative: taught by someone who has applied behaviour change theory to lots and lots of things, and knows what works well and what works badly.

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Event Speaker: Dominic Ridley-Moy

Communications Consultant, Behaviour Change Network

Dominic is an award-winning communications consultant, with
​more than 20 years’ experience in the local authority, social housing and voluntary sectors, running behaviour change campaigns, leading large-teams and managing the full spectrum of communications.

​He specialises in applying nudge-based principles, how organisations and businesses can encourage people to make better choices from increased recycling, to healthier lifestyle choices, shifting people online and lots more.  

He runs the Behaviour Change Network, to share tips and best practice on behaviour change theory. 

Event Speaker: Hel Reynolds

Chief Creative Officer, Comms Creatives

Social media creativity expert, Hel Reynolds runs Comms Creatives with her sister, Lesley.
Each year, she trains hundreds of communications professionals to unleash their creativity, with engaging online courses that get people fighting their fears and growing their social media skills.

Hel has bags of awards for her work and is the woman behind ground-breaking projects like @CommsCartoons & #31DaysOfCreativity.

When people call her childish, she takes it as a compliment, and she is usually attached to a mug of coffee.

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