It’s not easy when you’re a busy communications professional to juggle all the work, and set aside time for strategising.

However, investing effort now to plan your organisations social media will dramatically improve your results.

  • But where to start?
  • How will you know you’ve covered everything?
  • What is the best approach for your brand?
  • And what about the all the time it will take?

Don’t worry if it feels a little overwhelming, our lead strategist Hel Reynolds work with brands to make the whole process easy and inspiring.

Hel Reynolds is a social media expert who has ten years of experience of working with organisations to create innovative and effective social media strategies.

In the past few years, with her team at Comms Creatives, she’s led social media strategy development projects and guided communications professionals to design world-class strategies for brands like Mind Cymru, Manchester City Council, Welsh Government and Riverside Housing Group.

Whether you’re from a public sector, charities, or commercial corporate brand – Hel can make the complicated feel simple and her approach is focused on writing each strategy so that it is a smart, modern and usable document that gives you a clear and unique roadmap to success – and ensures you get maximum impact with the simplest and most effective tactics.

A. Research phase

Hel will lead workshops and conduct interviews to bring out the best in your colleagues – making every interaction a positive, inspiring and enjoyable experience.

  • Starter survey: We send you an online form to ask you about your brand, challenges, goals and the current situation .
  • Kick-off meeting (30 minutes): we discuss the answers you’ve completed in our 10 minute strategy starter survey.
  • Workshop: training and project kick-off session with your key communications and marketing colleagues (10-3pm).
    Setting the scene for how to approach strategic work, and gaining insights into the specific challenges and opportunities for brand, and for the comms and marketing teams themselves.*
  • Workshop: In person training and focus group session involving other departments and stakeholders (, your leadership team, policy colleagues, or service users).
    Including them in early discussions, and training them to understand strategy and tactics so they clearly see their role in supporting delivery and amplification. (Half-day 10am – 1pm, or 1pm – 4pm).
  • Three 1-1 phone/Team in-depth interviews: with key colleagues (of your choosing) who can contribute to the bigger picture thinking, and specifics of your social media approach (30 minutes each).

B. Audit phase

20 hours desk research:

  • Analyse data from the research phase.
  • Understand your existing business strategies and plans.
  • Dive into your web and social media analytics.
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis.

C. Strategy writing

Your first-draft strategy will:

  • Set out your social media vision, priorities and objectives.
  • Introduce a simple and distinctive marketing model designed for your organisation . This will set out how your channels, messaging and customer journey work together, and gives you a visual way to understand how every social media post links to a clear call-to-action that leads your goals.
  • Include an easy to implement tone of voice guide. This will be a style and visual guide that ensures all your social media has a strong brand identity and embodies your brand values
  • Include an easy to use storytelling guide. Ensuring that every story has emotional impact and turns your audience into fans
  • Set operational priorities, and the allocation of resources to achieve your goals

D. Presenting the strategy to you

Meeting where Hel will present the draft social media strategy, plan implementation, advise on getting buy-in across the organisation, and agree next steps (90 minutes).

E. Comms Creatives Academy Membership

This Social media strategy package also includes annual membership of Comms Creatives Academy for two people – to ensure that your comms team has year-round training, resources and support to implement the strategy.


Package price: £18,999+VAT

*Meetings and workshops to be carried out on Teams or Zoom (or to arrange an in-person session, add £750 for each session subject to travel anywhere within the UK)

Want to chat about if this package right for you? Book a call to chat with Hel about your requirements.