Are you inbox zero or creative hero? My email rebellion

Lately I’m lucky enough to have got some help with responding to email enquiries and such like. What a luxury. When I was an in-house communications professional, I was awful, rubbish, utterly useless at: Getting back to everyone who emailed me Keeping my inbox tidy and filing things away Doing everything that was asked ofContinue reading “Are you inbox zero or creative hero? My email rebellion”

Three ways to get cool stuff done quickly at work

Paul Taylor was kind enough to let me blog on his great site last week – he’s been a real inspiration so I’m chuffed he let me post there. He was very kind in his intro as well – what a gent! Anyway, hope you find it useful or interesting. This post is about turningContinue reading “Three ways to get cool stuff done quickly at work”

Thoughts on productivity and being boring

In my work as a communicator I’m always looking for examples of good practice and tips on how to be more effective at work. I’ve been thinking recently about what kind of communicator I don’t want to be (not thinking of anyone specific, honest!) to try to keep to the point and stop myself becomingContinue reading “Thoughts on productivity and being boring”

‘A Guide to Boring’ by Hilaire Belloc

Below is an essay from collected stories, essays and poems of Hilaire Belloc. I can’t find it anywhere else on the internet so I thought I’d type it out – it has a number of useful points on what is boring that could prove useful for any communicator to remember. I found the book I’veContinue reading “‘A Guide to Boring’ by Hilaire Belloc”

Twitter: more than talking about your breakfast

There are still a load of people out there who dismiss social media sites like Twitter as being where young people LOL and ROFL and talk about their breakfast.   Janet Street Porter was taking pop at Twitter on a TV show last week and repeated lots of the same arguments we’ve probably all heardContinue reading “Twitter: more than talking about your breakfast”