Social media strategy: a guide

We all know we need a social media strategy for our organisations.   But when you’re a busy communications professional juggling all the work, it’s hard to set aside time for strategising.   However, investing effort now to plan your brand’s social media will dramatically improve your results.   But where to start? How willContinue reading “Social media strategy: a guide”

Why humour on social media should be part of your strategy

People tell me that they can’t do humour on social media, or any fun content, because their comms is for an organisation that does important work. “It’s very serious indeed, the tone would be way off if we were to get all jokey” “We can’t be light-hearted when our work helps people going through darkContinue reading “Why humour on social media should be part of your strategy”

Creating a communications strategy – advice from a comms specialist

The first time I was asked to get creating a communications strategy, I was super intimidated by the task. It seemed so important and I had no idea what to include until I’d spent about four hours Googling the topic! I don’t see much written about the experience of working on a communications strategy, soContinue reading “Creating a communications strategy – advice from a comms specialist”

Communications strategy, snakes and ladders style

Ever have that feeling when you see something so nifty, and simple that you wish you’d thought of it? That was me when I saw this very creative communications strategy template from Sarah Yates, Broxtowe Borough Council’s brilliant Corporate Communications Manager. Very kindly, @haribohats has made this awesome #comms planning guide available to download and print! Brilliant #commscreativeContinue reading “Communications strategy, snakes and ladders style”