How to respond when rumours start to spread on Facebook

May 26, 2014

Woah there!

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  1. johnpopham

    Love this; but how do we counter the absurd rumour that the whole world has voted for UKIP? 😉

    • Helen Reynolds

      Oh, John – don’t! I often forget that my groups of friends and the world of liberal and thoughtful people I cultivate on Twitter is not reflective of the UK as whole. And then UKIP make gains and I despair 🙁

  2. johnpopham

    Only 27% of 35% voted for them. That’s not that many really 🙂

  3. Clare

    Question: How can a page comment on individual profiles, as suggested in the third to last paragraph? We would love to be able to enage on other profiles but find that our page set up prevents us? Can anyone help?


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