Corporate communications training in social media marketing

Helping comms and marketing teams learn, the creative way


I’m Hel Reynolds and I’m an award-winning expert in creative social media strategies.

My training and advice brings out your sense of and discovery and passion for communications – learning as much as we can while having fun.


I'll share insight, and bring your audiences alive


I'll train your team: in person, or online


I'll provide expert comms and creative advice

Think like a creative,
plan like a strategist

Your workload may be bananas. 

The topic may sometimes seem dry and corporate.

But I can help your comms and marketing dazzle with creativity!

We all need that someone who helps us think a bit differently and access our creative side.

I’ll help you feel confident about doing things for the right reasons, trying new techniques, and understanding how to come up with more than just the obvious ideas.

Invest in my training and advice to change from that feeling of ‘this is quite good’’, to ‘I AM SO PROUD OF MY WORK!”

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Online course: 12 steps to boost social media engagement, for busy comms & marketing pros

Hands up if:

  • You’re expected to create social media content on corporate and dry topics, and then make them go viral?
  • Your workload means you don’t have time to make great content?
  • You get given things to work on with no advance notice?

If this is you, and you’d like to learn everything you need to make creative, attention-grabbing and brilliant social media content –  join this Comms Creative Content programme!

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