Corporate communications training in social media marketing

Learning that gives you those 'aha!' moments​

We’re here to build your creative social media confidence. 

Your workload may be bananas. The topic may sometimes seem dry and corporate. But you can make your corporate comms and marketing dazzle with creativity!

Become the most creative, fearless and proud version of you, with our practical and fun training and coaching courses.


Do you find your brand’s social media posts often get little or no engagement? Find it hard to come up with creative ideas for your social media content? Feel too busy to find time to make great content?

If so, the Social Media Expert Course is for you.

the #31DaysOFCreativity Challenge

Get 31 easy creative tasks for you to do daily, to build your creative muscle. This is your chance to get yourself feeling super creative! Join a gang of people across the world dedicated to growing their creativity. 

You can get access for FREE, right now.

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In case you're wondering who we are...

Comms Creatives is a sister act, based in the South Wales, UK.

You’ve got Hel Reynolds, who does the creative social media training and advising.

And Lesley Reynolds does all the things that make the creative learning experience fun and productive.

We are going to unleash that confident, inspired version of you.  Let’s go.

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Join the growing number of brands unleashing their creativity​

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