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Here are some of the most common questions we get about our training.

Get in touch if you have a question we haven’t answered here.

I feel like I should know this stuff already.

We all start somewhere. And we can’t know it all – things are always changing in the comms world! You will quickly build your confidence and skills.

Don’t worry about what you should know and get excited about what you’re about to learn!

Will it be too much work? May job is already WAY too busy as it is!

Oh, we know the feeling! That’s why we created online courses to be easy to fit into your schedule, and save you from needing to travel.

Into every lesson we pack in learning and techniques that will make a real difference to the results you get.

You get access to all the training materials for a whole  year, so if for some reason you can’t study, or join us for live sessions, it’s all there for you when you have time to catch up.

We’re on your side, and will support you as best we can to fit this around your work and life so it feels like it is saving you time in the long run.

Is your training suitable for my industry (B2B, public sector, charity, retail, corporate, etc.)?

We make sure that the principles and techniques you learn apply to communications, PR and marketing professionals working in any industry.

We use case studies and examples from a wide range of organisations and we also ensure you have time to discuss how you can make the lessons work for your brand.

What if it’s not advanced enough? Or too basic?

Training ranges from intermediate to advanced, and is for professionals already working in comms or marketing (or learners confident they can learn quickly). It isn’t for people who need technical basics about things like how to post to social media.

Experienced communicators may sometimes encounter methods and strategies they have used before, but the courses will inspire and help you approach them in a new and more creative way.

I’m not in the UK, can I still work with you?

You are most welcome! Our training is online, flexible and we’ve had students from Ireland, the US and New Zealand join us. You just have to ask for clarification if we say something that sounds weird to you, or if your tutor’s accent sounds weird.

We’re a charity/public sector organisation - can we get a discount?

We offer the best possible quality of training, expertise and attention for comms professionals we work with – and to show support to our clients from non-profit or public sector organisations, we are happy to offer at 10% discount.

This is more than we would expect to spend on training - is it worth the investment?

Our courses give the best value available – this is an investment, not a cost.

You’ll get world-class and innovative teaching, personal attention, as well as templates, tips and tricks that will save you time and make you more productive.

Some training will be cheaper, but none will get you the same boost to your skills, confidence and your social media engagement and reach.

How can I convince my boss to approve me join Comms Creatives Academy?

Show them how investing in you and your company will resut in huge imporvements to the results you get from social media. 

We have an email template that you can use to send your boss or traning manager that will outline why it’s a worthy investment.