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Introducing the Comms GOATs!

Who are the people in comms pioneering creative approaches in their work? You may not even know who the comms greats out there are, as they aren’t always very visible while they work away in an in-house job, or behind the scenes working with clients. We are going to...

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Find yourself as a comms pro

There’s no right way to have a comms career. You don’t have to feel stuck on a particular path. I did sales, press, comms strategy, social media, websites - before I found social media training, which I love. And maybe my career will turn into something else one day....

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Get approval for social media training

If you want to learn new techniques and strategies to improve reach and social media engagement, our inspiring and practical Social Media Expert Programme is the best option. But with limited training and comms budgets, it can be hard to make the case for taking a...

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Three Twitter tips for comms pros

These three Twitter tips for comms pros may seem simple, but they make a big difference. We comms professionals are often bonkers busy, so we can be tempted to just share a link to a story with the headline as the text of the tweet. But this isn't the best way to get...

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