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Feb 26, 2021

Storytelling on social media, like the kind we teach on the Social Media Expert Course,is a special secret weapon for the comms pro.

Here’s a brilliant example of it in this fab Instagram post from Herts Police.Storytelling on social media: Herts Police example

Herts Police actually have amazing Instagram posts all the time.

They make use of their police dogs (who obviously get all the likes rolling in) and show the inspiring people who work for the force.

Whoever runs the account just gets Instagram, and they get a few mentions in our Instagram Masterclass coming up next month.

Why this works

I chose this post because it’s a great example of replacing a case study with a story.

It uses the building blocks of storytelling – a hero, a quest, an obstacle to overcome, a moral.

It’s fantastic.

Without sounding like an advert or a boring government institution, it helps the audience to:

  • Trust them as the real and relatable people who serve the community
  • Feel uplifted about good people doing nice things
  • Consider a career with them

It overcomes objections that people might have – feeling too old to join the police force, or not being able to meet people because of COVID.

I send admiring glances to the talented Instagrammers at Herts Police!

Joint winner of Content Of The Week goes to Leeds City Council

Film star, Kate Beckinsale, obviously has a quirky sense of humour, and in this Instagram post I don’t 100% get her joke initially.

But I can see she is cheering up a pal and having fun.

What’s great is the Leeds Council comms pros, who did not look a gift-horse in the mouth, and joined in.

Why this works

People get a thrill from government institutions acting like humans with a sense of humour.It’s novel (unfortunately!).

Many of us find we are intrigued by celebrities and what they say, and when a celebrity talks to a brand, we’re doubly interested.

For each person who says “CRINGE, I hate it when brands try to be cool” (AKA killjoys), there are people who will LOVE IT.

Look at the responses to this post, and let it sink in that people are gagging to like you, if you would just show a little personality.

Leeds City Council, you made the most of this opportunity – I salute you.

The moral of this story is – when life gives you lemonade, make Pimms!

Storytelling on social media: Kate Beckinsale example


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