🎓   Comms Creatives Academy

Be that always up-to-date, peak-performance social media expert

With a whole year of unlimited access to all classes, courses and resources, you’ve got everything you need to become a social media powerhouse.

And with new classes added every month, you’ll never run out of learning opportunities.

It’s fun too. You’re going to have the best year of your professional life.


 🎓   Skills & Professional Development

A year of social media skills, confidence and career building

Comms Creatives Academy is a flexible programme of creative training and events for busy corporate communications professionals to become social media experts who get brilliant results for their brand. 

You get practical and inspirational skills training, and fun events, resources and challenges.

Join members from brands like:

 🎓   Interactive, online and practical

Unlimited social media courses, workshops, masterclasses

Join us live, or take a course from our online archive – there are over 40, with a new lesson recording and resources  added each month. 

Our most popular courses are the Social Media Expert Programme, The Engaging Content Bootcamp, and the TikTok Crash Course.

You can see all the upcoming classes on our courses page – you’ll get VIP access to EVERYTHING.

You can pick and choose as you please, or fill out a learning plan and set some goals for growth.

Others can book, but you’ll get free access to everything

Live classes coming up:

Or take a course right now, from our library of on-demand courses, including:

Take a learning, practice and development journey to strategic excellence

Comms Creatives members can pick and chose what they learn – access anything, any time.

But if you have ambition to transform your career and get yourself fully certified as a digital communications expert – the roadmap is for you.

As you complete each section, tick ’em off  on your development dashboard to earn points, badges and certificates.

 🎓   Flexible, online, easy

The social media and wellbeing training plan designed for busy comms professionals

You already know your stuff, but this time next year you can be the confident, expert social media communicator who gets big results, every time.

We all want our work to have impact, but communications professionals often face a few problems:

  • Your audiences aren’t fully engaged and interested in important but heavy, often complex topics
  • You feel creatively constrained by a need to keep your social media well-judged and uncontroversial
  • It can be hard to find time to upskill and craft your best content

But you CAN bring your brand’s social media to life!


You can dip in and out when you want to. It’s not something you have to commit to – you do whatever is going to help you. I like that flexibility.

Before I joined, I wasn’t aware of algorithms, how to grow your followers, reach, output, things like that. I realised it’s not just about creating content, there’s a whole strategy around it.

Being able to go to an expert and say: ‘What do you think? I’m running this campaign and it might be a bit boring. How can I make it more attractive?’ Getting that advice and having a place to do that is great.

I feel safe because I know that support is there when I need it.

Rukshana Ahmed

Enabled Living Healthcare

The social media strategy course was so helpful, and continuing with the social expert course and all the masterclasses have really improved our social media and made a huge difference!

Holly Felstead

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation, Trust

It completely changed my way of thinking about how we engage with our customers.

I feel far more confident in my job and I also feel like I have more ideas about content.

Lauren Parsons

South East Water

 🎓   Membership features

Find your social media superpowers – get to the top of your game

With Social Media Comms Academy, all year you learn skills, get inspiration, handy templates and resources AND help with implementation. 

  • Increase your brand's social media engagement
  • Boost your brand's reach
  • Produce more creative, effective content and better campaigns
  • Grow your confidence
  • Love your job

World-class online training

40+ Online courses and masterclasses taught by experts will grow your skills so you use the best strategies and tactics. 

Creative wellbeing sessions

60 minute sessions lift your head out from the day-to-day grind, giving you stress-relief and creative practice

Spark! online drop-in sessions

Monthly Q&A meetings give you personalised expert advice on anything you’re working on, or a challenge you face

Comms Creatives goody box

A few little bright and cheery gifts from us to help you study, make some genius notes,  and stay creative

Private networking community

60 minute sessions lift your head out from the day-to-day grind, giving you stress-relief and creative practice

The social media success toolkit

Templates, calendars, guides and tools save time and make life easy, so you can concentrate on being creative

 🎓   Your time to thrive

It’s not just a few social media courses, in the Academy you grow and develop as a person

As far as we’re concerned – there’s no way you can learn new skills if you’re not also looking after your wellbeing, and happiness at work.

Creatives Academy is has a innovative design based around our unique training model.

  • Social media strategy
  • Creativity boosters
  • Audience growth
  • Confidence and mindset
  • Social media management
  • Engaging content creation
  • Planning, organisation and productivity
  • Copywriting
  • Advanced tactics for Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • TikTok and Instagram Reels
  • Social media campaigns
  • Evaluation and analytics
  • Crisis communications

 🎓   Who it’s for

Designed for you.  Not them.


  • A new or experienced communications, public relations or marketing professional working in-house
  • A motivated professional eager to learn and grow your career
  • A person who is curious about trying out new ideas, techniques and strategies - and loves learning
  • Someone who respects diversity - who loves different people, varied backgrounds, and an interesting range of perspectives
  • A person who supports others and wants to encourage colleagues and without judgement or jealousy


  • Someone who is NOT working in role that involves communication, and wants to learn social media basics
  • A professional who just wants to do the bare minimum to get by
  • Someone who wants to do things the way they’ve always done it - learning new skills sounds like too much hard work
  • Someone who prefers to be surrounded only with people who think, sound, look, and act like them
  • A person who is judgey of others in the industry, or sees them as competition

 🎓   Specialist expertise at your fingertips

Meet your expert trainers 


Your main trainer in Comms Creatives Academy is Hel Reynolds, multi-award-winning social media expert.

Strategist, cartoonist and content wizard – she can help you make the most of your talent.

She’s worked in and with communications and marketing teams for over 15 years, and she’s on a mission to get you feeling creative, fearless and proud of your work.

Get her on TwitterLinkedinFacebookInsta or join the Comms Creatives Club for lots of interesting chats and advice on unleashing your creativity.

Hel leads the Social Media Strategist Course, The Social Media Expert Programme, and the Social Media SOS: Crisis Comms Course.

You’ll also take part in lessons from leading experts in their field  who join us as guest tutors and resident experts.

So you’ll get a range of experience and perspective throughout the year, from people like:


 Grow your skills, confidence, creativity

Or you can arrange registration and payment by invoice

🚦   Make the case

Get the green light! What your boss needs to know

Whoever is funding your professional development needs to know the value of you becoming a Comms Creatives Academy member.

Here are useful facts to mention when making the case for you joining, 

  • Impact: I'll learn and get support to get better results - increasing our brand's engagement, reach and the effectiveness of our messaging
  • Cutting-edge: It'll keep our brand ahead of the curve with an up-to-date understanding of the latest trends and developments in social media
  • Time-saving: I'll have access to lessons and resources that will make me more productive so I can manage my workload more efficiently
  • Flexibility: I can fit this in around my schedule without interfering with work commitments - the courses are all online and can be accessed live and on replay
  • Wellbeing: Comms Creatives specialise in making learning creative, and fun and this will help as a stress reliever and boost my energy and enthusiasm for social media
  • Community: I'll get to network and learn with communications professionals from all sorts of industries and companies.


Here are some of the most common questions we get about the Comms Creatives Academy

Get in touch if you have a question we haven’t answered here.

Is this training suitable for my industry (B2B, public sector, charity, retail, corporate, etc.)?

We make sure that the principles and techniques you learn apply to communications professionals working in any industry. We use case studies and examples from a wide range of organisations and we also ensure you have time to discuss how you can make the lessons work for your brand.

What if it’s not advanced enough? Or too basic?

The general level of this training is intermediate (with options to try more advanced skills for those who are more experienced). It’s for professionals already using at least one social media platform, or learners confident they can learn quickly. It isn’t for people who need technical basics about how to post to social media, or set up social media accounts. Experienced communicators may encounter methods and strategies they have used before, but the course will help you approach them in a new and more creative way.

I feel like I should know this stuff already.

We all start somewhere. This course will quickly build your confidence and skills. Don’t worry about what you should know and get excited about what you’re about to learn!

This is more than we would expect to spend on training - is it worth the investment?

Membership is an investment, not a cost. As well as being lower price than equivalent courses, nowhere else can you learn highly effective techniques and proven methods to massively increase your social media effectiveness. You’ll get world-class and innovative teaching, personal attention, as well as templates, tips and tricks that will save you time and make you more productive. We plan on making this the best year of your professional life.

What if I can’t make live sessions?

No worries.  You can catch up on the replays any time you want – for a whole year!

How can I convince my boss to approve me taking this programme?

Show them how investing in you and your company will resut in huge improvements to the results you get from social media. 

We have an email template that you can use to send your boss or traning manager that will outline why it’s a worthy investment. 

Will it be too much work? My job is already WAY too busy as it is!

Oh, we know the feeling! That’s why we have designed time-saving resources and  flexible, bitesized training.

Making time when you work in comms is no easy task. But it will pay off in the improvements and tips you learn to create better content in a shorter amount of time.

We’re on your side, and will support you as best we can to fit this around your work and life so it feels like it is saving you time in the long run.

We’re a charity/public sector organisation - can we get a discount?

The cost reflects the quality and breadth of training, expertise and attention you receive. However we offer a discount to make this more affordable for charity and public sector organisations, enter the promo code ‘nonprofit10’ at checkout or mention it when arranging enrolment by invoice.

I’m not in the UK, can I still join?

You are most welcome! We’ve had students from the US and New Zealand join us – you just have to ask for clarification if we say something that sounds weird to you, or if your lead tutor Hel’s Welsh accent sounds funny.