Workshop: Create Engaging Content For Social Media

For: Communications and marketing professionals

When: March 21st 2023, 10am – 3pm
                or July 4th 2023, 10am – 3pm

Cost: £349+VAT per person
(Free for Comms Creatives Academy members)

Feel like all you ever do is fire content out in a hurry?

Need to add some creative pizazz to your work?

It’s not just you.

When you work in comms, you’re often so overloaded with work, it can be hard to find time and energy to plan creative and engaging content.

Engaging Content Bootcamp is an online workshop for comms professionals and social media managers to learn AND create.

Book on to give yourself that time, inspiration and motivation you need to get ahead of the game with your social media planning and creation.

You’ll get some creative exercises to help you begin forming some brilliant content.

And by the end, you’ll have a workbook filled out with amazing content, all planned out so you can explode your social media engagement!

Join us for the March 21st 2023 bootcamp

Join us for the July 4th 2023 bootcamp