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Social Media Analytics 101

12th July 2022

ONLINE COURSE: We’ll show you the social media analytics that matter, and you’ll be able to access our reporting guide and template to learn important metrics, data and reporting skills.

Social Media Analytics 101

23rd August 2022

ONLINE COURSE: We’ll show you how to plan, create and promote your brand’s podcast.  Including how to create your format, what music to use, how to make it engaging, and how to get loyal listeners. 

Creative social media content planning bootcamp

26th July 2022

ONLINE CLASS: In one day, you’ll be inspired, generate incredible content ideas, and you’ll actually be writing and making content for your bran’s social media, with us by your side.

Social Media Expert: the 9-week programme

Next course starts September 14th 2022

9 WEEK ONLINE COURSE: The creative social media course for comms professionals. In 2 hours a week, you will learn to increase engagement and bring your brand’s social media to life 💥

Instant access courses

Communicate your annual report (or any report) on social media

REPLAY: from February 2022

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Learn tips and tricks to turn something complex and dry into engaging content! Discover easy and quick ways to get more people interested in the important but boring stuff.

Canva for social images, animations & videos

REPLAY: from April 2022

ONLINE CLASS: Learn the coolest Canva tips and tricks for comms pros. Discover fun tools and get lots of inspiration for making attention-grabbing content with Canva. Great for comms pros who don’t have access to a graphic designer!

The TikTok Crash Course for comms pros

REPLAY: from May 2022

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Make engaging TikTok videos for your brand. This planning and making workshop is  designed for communications professionals who want to run an incredible TikTok channel. 

Fire up your Facebook Page

REPLAY: from March 2022

ONLINE WORKSHOP: We’ll share with you our Facebook Page optimisation checklist – with 9 steps for a perfect Page. Make your brand’s Facebook so appealing that your audience cannot ignore it!

Power up your Twitter

REPLAY: from May 2022

ONLINE COURSE: There are so many ways to use Twitter that brands miss out on. We’ll show you tips and tricks that are guaranteed to will boost your retweets, comments, likes and reach. Get more positive engagement and grow your reach.