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Ready to dive deep into internal comms, boost engagement, reach audiences, and plan like a pro?

If you’re in comms, HR, or culture teams, this course is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. 


Format: Live online (or catch up on recorded replays)
CPD: 16 hours teaching and study for your records
Award: Professional certificate of completion

Introducing the Internal Comms Expert Programme

Next cohort starts January 17th 2024

9 weekly sessions held on Thursdays on Zoom at:

  • 12.30pm – 2.00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • 9.30am – 11.00am Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • 5.30pm – 7.00pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

With a great blend of in-house and agency experiences, Jess can always empathise with the challenges of working within a corporate environment. Flexible, pragmatic impactful.


Sue Palfrey, Viridor

The 9-week* online interactive course

Discover the tools and techniques that the best IC teams use to create internal comms strategies that work.

(*Plus one extra bonus week that we just couldn’t miss out!)


Chances are, you’re already good at what you do.

But why stop at good when you can be great?

Feel overwhelmed by the flood of comms requests?
Wonder how to reach a diverse workforce with a clear and impactful message?
Not sure where to start with your IC strategy?
Uncertain about how best to use your internal channels?
Want to prove the value of IC but not sure how?
Work in a small team (or even solo) and need some brains to bounce ideas off?
You’re not alone – internal communicators regularly tell us these are challenges they face.

We can help with the best learning, strategies, tips and tricks to overcome these hurdles.

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Invest in your skills and effectiveness

We’ve designed this course to help you step up, stand out, and make your internal comms efforts work harder.

So, join us. Let’s explore the world of internal comms together, and transform you into the expert that we already know you are.


Grow your confidence and build solid internal comms skills
Craft your own internal communications strategy 
Master the art of comms planning
Learn how to increase engagement across your organisation
Truly understand your audiences and know how to reach them
Build a supportive network with your study group
Prove the undeniable value of internal comms
Learn to LOVE internal comms again!

of companies don’t have a long-term IC plan. Let’s get you into the other 40%.

of colleagues feel they are missing out on key information. You can change that!

is how much employee productivity increases by when employees are engaged. Talk about ROI!

About your course tutor

Jessica Roberts is a global internal comms and culture consultant.

For over 16 years, Jess has helped businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries create moments that matter for their employees every day. At the heart of that, she believes, is the ability to be a skilled communicator.

She’s partnered with an exciting and varied set of clients throughout her career including Sky, Aldi, Just Eat, Zalando, Vodafone, and more. She’s also led in-house comms teams in the public and non-profit sector. 

Jess works with teams to develop internal comms skills, confidence and capabilities – all aimed at driving meaningful employee engagement

How the Internal Comms Expert programme works

You join 9 weekly* live and interactive video lessons taught by internal comms expert, Jessica Roberts.

Can’t make the live session? Just catch up on replay at a time that works for you.

Each weekly session lasts two hours: a lesson that lasts around 90 minutes with an added 30 minutes for group discussions and co-working on the tasks and exercises set.

After each lesson, you’ll be set a brief homework task to put your learning into practice.

You’ll get support in our study group if you get stuck, and Jess will be on hand to answer your questions throughout the duration of the course.

(*And don’t forget, you also get that extra bonus lesson after week 9!)


Lesson 1: Internal comms 101

  • The purpose of IC and why it’s crucial to organisational success
  • Key trends you need to know about
  • Core principles that underpin IC
  • Roles and responsibilities of an IC pro/team

Lesson 2: How to write an IC strategy

  • The building blocks of an IC strategy – what’s in and what’s out?

  • Alignment with business goals and culture

  • The difference between a strategy and a plan

  • Reliable frameworks to lean on

Lesson 3: Mastering your comms audit

  • What’s an audit and why do you need one?

  • What internal audiences expect from channels

  • Five step approach to conduct an audit

  • Linking your audit to your IC strategy and taking action

Lesson 4: Getting to know your internal audiences

  • Who’s in your internal audience and how to spot them
  • How to use qualitative and quantitative data to segment your audience
  • Tailoring your message so it really lands
  • Ready-made templates to craft audience personas

Lesson 5: Connecting with remote, hybrid and non-desk based colleagues

  • Explore the unique challenges and communication needs of these colleagues
  • Using context, role and environment for relevant comms
  • Techniques for building connection, and engagement
  • Practical tips for flexible and inclusive comms

Lesson 6: Crafting an impactful internal comms plan

  • How comms plans support and deliver your internal communications strategy
  • Tips and techniques for tactical planning
  • What every internal comms plan should include to be a success
  • Creative content ideas to drive internal engagement

Lesson 7: Successful change comms

  • Purpose, role and impact of change comms
  • Top change models that are helpful for comms pros in different scenarios e.g. M&A, redundancy, transformation
  • Deep-dive into the fundamentals every change comms strategy should include
  • Harnessing leaders as role models and communicators

Lesson 8: Powering up internal ambassadors

  • The what, why and how of employee advocacy
  • Spotting your influencers and leveraging their networks
  • How to make it easy and irresistible for ambassadors to rave about you
  • Creating FOMO so that every employee wants to be one

Lesson 9: Proving value through measurement

  • How measurement can help demonstrate value
  • What to measure and what to ignore
  • Easy qualitative and quantitive approaches to help you measure what matters
  • Using measurement to influence senior stakeholders and get investment

Bonus lesson: Navigating an internal comms crisis

  • The specific role and responsibilities of internal communicators during a crisis
  • Understanding different types of crises and how to plan for them
  • Techniques for developing clear, factual, and empathetic messages during crises
  • Liaising with other stakeholders incl. leadership and external comms

Next programme starts January 17th:

9 weekly sessions held on Zoom Thursdays at:

12.30pm – 2pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)/9.30am – 11am Pacific Standard Time (PST)


Arrange registration and payment by invoice to your company

Learn by doing

True professional development needs education, inspiration and implementation.

That’s why we pace the course over nine weeks*. Each week we teach you a short lesson, then:


  • Explore what you’ve learned and how it might help you
  • Set you comms tasks to try a new technique out for real
  • Help you to analyse, celebrate and improve on what you did

Capture your great ideas and learning

You’ll be doing some of your best work on this course!

There are a hundred good reasons for you to document your best work – this is why as part of the course, we’ll get you building an impressive IC inspiration portfolio. You’ll fill it with work you’re proud of, and work that inspires you.

You’ll get a clear sense of achievement, a reminder of your value, and a head full of ideas that you can take back into your role.

Achieve your goals

Work hard and this course will get you those results!

Get ready to see your internal comms efforts flourish, and we’re talking real, measurable success. 

And the best part? You’ll feel more confident and happier in your work and life.


Here are some of the most common questions we get about the Internal Comms Expert Programme.

Get in touch if you have a question we haven’t answered here.

Is this training suitable for my industry (B2B, public sector, charity, retail, corporate, etc.)?

We make sure that the principles and techniques you learn apply to communications professionals working in any industry. We use case studies and examples from a wide range of organisations and we also ensure you have time to discuss how you can make the lessons work for your brand.

Is this suitable for professionals based in US and Canada?

We’ve designed this for an international audeince, teaching the best and most pioneering thinking and techniques from around the world. National and local cultural considerations and differences of our audiences are part of what we will be discussing on the course. Your tutor Jess will be teaching from the UK in the early evening (5.30pm GMT)– you just have to ask for clarification if we say something that sounds weird to you, or if your tutor Jess’ Welsh accent sounds like she’s singing a song.

I feel like I should know this stuff already.

We all start somewhere. This course will quickly build your confidence and skills. Don’t worry about what you should know and get excited about what you’re about to learn!

Will it be too much work? My job is already WAY too busy as it is!

Oh, we know the feeling! That’s why we have created this online course to be flexible and bitesized.

Making two hours free per week for 9 weeks is no easy task. But it will pay off in the improvements and tips you learn to create better content in a shorter amount of time.

You get access to all the training materials for a whole  year, so if for some reason you can’t study, or join us for live sessions, it’s all there for you when you have time to catch up.

We’re on your side, and will support you as best we can to fit this around your work and life so it feels like it is saving you time in the long run.

What if it’s not advanced enough? Or too basic?

The general level of this training is intermediate (with options to try more advanced skills for those who are more experienced). Experienced communicators may encounter methods and strategies they have used before, but the course will help refresh your thinking and approach them in a new and more creative way.

What if I can’t make live sessions?

No worries.  You can catch up on the replays any time you want – for a whole year!

This is more than we would expect to spend on training - is it worth the investment?

This course is the best value programme available and is an investment, not a cost. As well as being lower price than equivalent courses, nowhere else can you learn highly effective techniques and proven methods to massively increase your internal comms expertise all in one course. You’ll get world-class and innovative teaching, personal attention, as well as templates, tips and tricks that will save you time and make you more productive. Some courses will be cheaper, but none will get you the same value.

We’re a charity/public sector organisation - can we get a discount?

The cost reflects the quality of training, expertise and attention you receive. However we offer a non-profit discount to make this more affordable for charity and public sector organisations, enter the promo code ‘nonprofit10’ at checkout or mention it when arranging enrolment by invoice.

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