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I’ve heard a few people say that communications is common sense.

It’s not.

It could apply to lots of jobs I suppose, but it’s particularly an issue for us, because some of our colleagues think they could do it themselves (or their teenage nephew could).

Comms is not common sense.

Our audiences do not stop scrolling by to hear, see or read something they already know.

We don’t grab people’s attention with something ordinary and commonplace.

Our work is about touching emotions, changing behaviours, amusing and distracting the people we want to talk to.

Just because good things look simple, it doesn’t mean they don’t take a lot of skill to create.

And what we teach on our courses in UNcommon sense – cool concepts and techniques that not everybody knows, or everyone would be doing it!

Join the Social Media Comms Academy

Our training is designed for real people with emotions and lives, with advice and techniques that don’t just work in an ideal world.

Even when you’re busy, overwhelmed, or lacking confidence, we help you grow your social media following, make more creative content and get loads more likes, shares and positive comments.

All at a time that fits around work and home commitments.

It includes the Social Media Expert Course, which you take at your own pace with 18 short modules that cover:

• How to be strategic

• Being a super social media storyteller

• Powerful copywriting for social media posts

• Thumbstopping video

• Fun content tools and apps

…and loads more.

And you get to join the masterclasses live each month (or catch up any time on replay). Things like, Facebook GroupsLinkedin For Brands, and Instagram Strategy.

Plus the content calendar and templates.

Here’s the link to enrol so you can transform your social media into the most engaging and successful comms for your organisation.

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