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by | Nov 9, 2023

Fact: communications professionals deserve more gifts.

We have you covered if you’re looking for a gift for yourself or to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, a leaving present, or give some general appreciation.

Whether it’s a colleague, boss, friend, or loved one, we’ve put together a comms gift guide of nice presents that will make them smile.

Let’s go…

A 2024 Calendar of Cartoons from the Comms Creatives shop

Add a touch of humour to their workspace with a our 2024 Comms Creatives Calendar featuring my cartoons that tell the story of the world of communications.

A Papier Daily Planner

Help them stay organised and on top of their tasks with a beautifully designed daily planner from Papier. It’s the perfect companion for a busy communications professional.


A David Attenborough Cross Stitch Kit from British Red Cross

Encourage their creative side and relieve stress with a David Attenborough cross-stitch kit from the British Red Cross. It’s a relaxing and inspiring activity for their downtime.


A Wonderful Wordsmith Print

Elevate their office decor with a  print from Not On The High Street featuring inspiring quotes and beautifully designed typography.

    A Mug or Notepad from the Comms Creatives Shop

    We’ve got comms mugs and notepads with their favorite cartoons and slogans to make their daily coffee breaks and note-taking sessions extra special.

    Multi Connect Cables

    A smartphone with no juice is UNACCEPTABLE.

    Help them stay connected and charged up with a set of high-quality multi-connect cables. They’ll appreciate the convenience of having ALL their devices charged and ready.


    A Charity Gift of Books for an After School Reading Club

    Make a difference in their name by donating to a charity that provides books for an after-school reading club. Comms professionals in particular can appreciate the gift of reading, so this is a feelgood gift.

    Thank you biscuits

    Comms people endure too many meetings, so they need biscuits to get them through. And what they don’t have enough of is appreciation. So kill two birds with one stone by buying them some gingerbread thank you biscuits from Biscuiteers.


    A good book

    The gift of inspiration – the perfect gift! Have a look at the Comms Creatives Academy reading list to help you select a book to blow the mind of the comms professional. This reading list contains creative and useful classics such as:

    • ‘Alchemy’ by Rory Sutherland: A fascinating exploration of the psychology behind consumer behaviour and marketing. Everyone needs a bit of Rory’s contrary, creative genius in their brains.
    • ‘Creativity’ by John Cleese: Delve into the creative process and unlock new insights for innovative thinking. A nice quick read, that can be finished in a da but remembered for a lifetime.
    • ‘Everyday Communication Strategies’ by Amanda Coleman: Gain practical communication strategies and insights from an experienced professional. Great for building confidence in your everyday practice.

    And some new crackers are on the list too, like Rachel Millers’ ‘Internal Communication Strategy’ and oldies but goodies like ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie.


    A Book Nook™ Reading Valet

    Talking of books, how about a reading time shrine that holds your book (and your place), reading glasses, beverage, and phone? They don’t know they need it, but the absolutely do.

    An Inspiring Online Course

    If you’re a manager and want to invest in your colleagues’ professional development and creativity, give them the gift of an an online course related to communications, leadership, or a skill they’d like to enhance.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s what we do best here at Comms Creatives. We’re obsessed with boosting your skills, creativity and confidence.


    A Subscription to PR Week

    Keep them up-to-date with industry news and insights by gifting them a subscription to PR Week. It’s a valuable resource for staying informed about the latest trends and developments in comms.

    I don’t think the UK version comes as a print edition any more, so if you know your comms pro is not one for reading online, they might like Private Eye or The Week magazine instead, to stay up to date with news and current affairs.


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