Powerful real-life storytelling on Facebook is content of the week

Jan 15, 2021

Storytelling on Facebook is one of the most effective skills you can have in your comms bag of talents.

And I’m getting my best Miley Cyrus singing ready to tell you that our content of the week came in like a Wrekin ball…..

Well a Telford and Wrekin Council ball, to be exact.

Storytelling on Facebook: shows the posts with text and photos of resident, Sharn, looking fab in her car, then ill in hospital. . Text reads: Telford & Wrekin Council is sharing a COVID-19 update. 4d · ‼️ THIS IS REAL ‼️ Below is a story from Sharn who is 34 years old, a fit and healthy mother of two children and lives in Telford. We asked if we could share her story to show everyone that Covid is real, it's here in Telford & Wrekin and could put any one of us in hospital. Cases are still rising rapidly locally and it is now so IMPORTANT we all follow guidelines to keep everyone safe. One mistake could cost someone else's life: 🏠 STAY AT HOME - only leave your house for essential items such as food or medication, work or to help someone vulnerable. ❌ DO NOT MIX HOUSEHOLDS (unless you are part of a support bubble) ❌ DO NOT TRAVEL FOR EXERCISE - You should exercise near to home. Read Sharn's story below 👇 So the first picture here was 26th Dec I felt perfectly well had a lovely day with my daughter. Woke up 27th took tree down then got a head ache that's all!! I went for a test and dropped kids to their dad for them to be safe. I haven't set eyes on my children since! I stayed home alone for 7 days trying to beat it but Covid had other ideas. I was admitted last Sunday and Tuesday I thought I was leaving in a box as I couldn't breathe unattended!! I have never been so scared and alone in my life thinking you are never going to see your children again is torture. Fortunately I'm getting stronger everyday so will be home soon. Sadly not everyone is as fortunate so many bodies leaving this hospital it's awful. The staff are worth their weight in gold true heroes I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them!! I owe them my life!! Things can change so quickly in life appreciate everything. TAKE THIS VIRUS SERIOUSLY GUYS ❤️ Get well soon Sharn ❤️

I could go into much more detail about why this is awesome, effective and reputation enhancing.

But in summary, here are five reasons why it got thousands of like shares and comments:

1. That tone of voice has so much good stuff going on.

It feels like something a real and thoughtful person would write on their own Facebook page (and not like a paternalistic, corporate, government public health message).

2. Emojis in this case aren’t overdone to make it too much of an accessibility nightmare.

The emojis are used a bit like bullet-points – they alert us to the important points being raised, and they break up the paragraphs so it’s easier to read.

3. They didn’t take us away from facebook to their website to read the story. Hallelujah!

As everyone in our Social Media Comms Academy knows, your audience (and those algorithms) want to see what you have to say in the place they’re in.

You’ll usually get way more engagement on your posts if save people a click and just tell the story in the place people have found your post.

4. This has the structure of a proper story – ‘This, but, then.'(And BTW, we teach how you can use this storytelling structure in the Social Media Expert Course, if you fancy it).

As I said, storytelling on Facebook is the comms skill you don’t want to live without.

5. It is not easy to find a good story, get permission to share it with great picture to illustrate.

This was SO worth the effort from the council comms team 👏👏👏

If you want to become an effortlessly creative social media expert, we have social media training workshops, inspiration and cool tools… …all inside our Social Media Academy for comms professionals.


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