Great comms takes courage

by | Mar 11, 2019

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that great comms takes courage – but this is a really quick post to say well done to creative comms professionals out there.

Because, our job isn’t as easy as it looks to others.

No matter what we say in interviews, doing your best work is not actually easy, or even possible in challenging environments.

Reality check: crap content is the norm.

Sometimes, we kind of know that what we’re putting out is boring.

I mean, if it’s not something that we ourselves would share if we were the target audience – is it really that good?

But with a workload that’s permanently bananas, we have to just get stuff out sometimes

It can be just quicker and easier to wang out a story or tweet your service out with little thought.

So what about that stuff that we really want to do well? That stuff takes guts to do well.

Brilliant work and bravery go hand-in-hand.
Our lives aren’t in danger, but it can be a bit scary to do something new, creative, or because these thoughts sometimes go through our minds:

  • Being creative means putting your unique ideas out for the world to see and what if people think it’s crap?
  • If you get loads of feedback to a social media post, it’s going to take ages to respond to all the comments, and you just don’t have time.
  • Doing something that gets attention may well be seen by someone who hates your organisation and they might say something negative which will damage your brand’s reputation.
  • Colleagues don’t always ‘get’ comms. They may understand ‘the business as usual’ stuff you do, but when you do things differently, they might get on your case, or worse, slag you off behind your back. 

So creative, engaging social media doesn’t just take skills and creativity – it takes guts.


Because you know that the benefits of creating well-designed and engaging content far outweigh the risks.

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