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If you’ve been through the comms approval process a few times, you’ll know: the pain is real.

Getting through layers of people to edit and sign-off a piece of content – whether it’s a video, a design, a press release or other copy – it can be excruciating.

They’ll drain all the life out of the thing, and then tell you to make it go viral.

Stay strong.  You’re not alone.

Keep fighting for what you know will make the content engaging and useful to the audience.

It might take the diplomacy skills of a hostage negotiator, but it matters and will be appreciated by the people who have to read or look at your content.

You CAN beat the comms approval process!

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Ironically, when I initially drew and shared this cartoon back in 2017, I misspelled the word ‘irrelevant’.  And of course, if I’d shown it to anybody before I tweeted it, they would have pointed it out and saved me my typo shame!comms approval process


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