Council announce Chief Exec on TikTok

Jul 7, 2022

A COUNCIL has stormed TikTok, with CORPORATE NEWS!

Who would have thought?!So this week we’re handing the content of the week medal to Redbridge Council.

They’ve announced a new Chief Executive in a hugely effective way, complete with Love Island reference.


#loveislandtrend #loveisland #fy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Hot New Bombshell – Love Island


What better way to show leadership than to introduce your reign in such a humorous, current way?!

Showing that the council is in touch, approachable, optimistic.

Not defensive, hiding behind a logo and jargon and formal ways to communicate (like people often expect council comms to be)

And seriously, you would NOT get this level of engagement and awareness for a new appointment in a local authority without this winning combination of creativity, trending topic and the comms team and chief exec’s bold willingness to have a go.

It’s reaching the people their tweets and Linkedin posts won’t touch.

You may not personally like Love Island.

You may not be on TikTok.

But you can’t ignore the opportunities that this social media platform presents.

If you’re not already there – it’s time to lurk, and get a feel for why this place is so popular.

And play with new, fun ways to get your audience’s attention.

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