Replace your inner critic with an inner fan club

by | Sep 18, 2019

Inner critic is leaving the room, the fan club is saying things like 'You belong here', 'People ae interested in what you say' and "how you behave inspires others'

How much do you let your inner critic hold you back?

Maybe it’s a comms and marketing thing, but we seem to be quite hard on ourselves.

  • We view our own work and ideas as harshly as would a sworn enemy.
  • We let the occasional mistake or sloppy piece of work linger in our memory, and forget the huge volume of excellent work we’ve done, often under huge pressure and meeting short deadlines.
  • We are experts, but assume that the leaders we work for won’t take us seriously if we talk to them.
  • We worry that because there are a few people at work who don’t seem to like us, that everybody hates us.
  • We think everyone else has got things sorted, and allow our imposter syndrome to whisper in our ears ‘It’s only you who’s winging it’

But we’re all winging it.

Give yourself a break!

Your inner critic is a moron, and gets things wrong most of the time.

Confidence is not the same as cockiness.

Saying nice things to yourself is good for you – and nobody will even know you’re doing it!

One thing I’ve noticed about the students I work with, is as their confidence grows, their work gets more creative and effective.

Great comms takes courage, and we need to build our strength.

So bring in your inner fan club and let them rave about you on a regular basis.

You’ll be a better professional for it.

Talking of confidence-building…

If you need a hand in building your confidence and skills, have a look at our courses – I’d love to help you unleash that side of you that is fearless, creative and proud.

Here’s a little sample of what people have said abut the online Social Media Expert programme:

I feel A LOT more confident to come up with my own ideas and also to share my knowledge with my team and to use this to encourage other members of staff to see the importance of social media.

I feel much more confident in creating different content for our social media and trying out new tactics that I wouldn’t have used before.

It helped me come up with creative posts to boost engagement on our page. We get lots of people complaining, so it’s is good to now put more creative posts on to get positive engagement



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Hel Reynolds

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