12 Podcasts for comms, PR and marketing pros

Dec 12, 2018

Screenshot 2020-03-12 at 11.29.03I want to share some podcasts to inspire comms, PR and marketing pros, because it’s often hard for us to slot in learning, or CPD of any kind, into our schedules.

I listen to about 5 hours of podcasts every week, I learn SO MUCH from them while I get ready to go out, and in the car.

I’m a firm believer in taking an interest in subjects that don’t directly relate to work  – there are ideas, stories, perspectives and ideas in the world that we can use to boost our creativity.

So, I’ve included the podcasts that are fascinating to us, but don’t on the surface seem to be about comms, PR and marketing.  

They will inspire you though! 

You’ll note half of them are produced by the BBC. They know how to make good stuff.

12 Podcasts to inspire comms, PR and marketing pros

Before I get to the list, I’m toying with the idea of doing a podcast version of my #CommsCreative newsletter.

Would you like me chatting about some creative ideas, examples and challenged, directly into your ears each month? It’s a distinct possibility as I plan my content for 2019.

Best podcasts for comms, PR and marketing listening pleasure

The Janet Murray Show

As well as being a fantastically practical business advisor, Janet Murray is also SO generous with her knowledge.  I sincerely think that someone could skip comms and marketing education and just listen to her back catalogue of tips, strategies and wisdom. I respect her so much, I joined her business club.
A show that you’ll likeWhy you should be using Pinterest in 2019 (plus how to do it). Though the podcast isn’t aimed at corporate communicators, this is an example of an episode that shares super-handy tips that will work for anyone using social media in their work.

Alan Alda’s Clear & Vivid

That guy out of M*A*S*H may not seem to be an obvious choice for a podcast about comms, but actors are masters of communication! I sometimes feel his worldview is very male and old skool, but this podcast is charming nevertheless. 
A show that you’ll likeIs Empathy Good or Bad? A Conversation with Paul Bloom. This is fascinating discussion on ‘rational compassion’. 

Talking Comms

This one is hosted by two fellas I like to think of as pals – Adrian Stirrup and Darren Caveney. It’s a fantastic resource for comms professionals, particularly those in the public sector.
A show that you’ll like: um, the one with me on it! Building a successful comms team, creative ideas and bonus pub chat. I’m allowed to plug myself now and then right?

O Behave

If you’re not interested in behavioural science – what ARE you interested in? I found this as part of my mild obsession with the weird and wonderful mind inside Rory Sutherland’s head. The sound is pretty poor on some of these episodes but just crank up the volume, it’s so worth it.
A show that you’ll like: start with Unseen Opportunities (with Rory Sutherland) and work your way through.  You can thank me after.

Best podcast on creativity

Creative Pep Talk

My ALL-TIME FAVOURITE PODCAST!  The host, Andy J Pizza, is the funniest and wisest person I’ve ever heard, I love how he sees the world, and how he expresses his thoughts. I even love his podcast ads. If you work on creative projects, you HAVE to listen.
A show that you’ll like: Get Your Work Seen w/ Marketing Legend Seth Godin – when two legends collide! I love Andy on his own, but for those of you who want a nice taster episode, this is a good’un.

Best podcasts on business

The Bottom Line

I’ve mentioned this before, but Evan Davis is a legend and I love this show.
A show that you’ll like: Why do companies do bad things? It’s a big question, answered thoughtfully by the guests.

Business Daily

I know it sounds super businessy and dull – BUT IT’S NOT. It covers so many work and life issues in a really accessible and interesting way.
A show that you’ll like: The Death of Expertise – Why do so many people think they know best? And are they putting dolts in charge of government?

Best podcasts on other stuff

You Are Not So Smart

Imagine this cool guy who tells you about really clever and mind-blowing ideas, and makes it easy to understand.  That guy is David McRaney, he has a show, and I love it.
A show that you’ll like: Narrative Persuasion – want to know the secrets to creating persuasive stories?  They’re here.  

Evil Genius, with Russel Kane

This show, from my point of view, is about reputation. It’s also funny. How do icons and celebrities’ real lives differ from their legends? Were the people behind their images evil or genius?
A show that you’ll like: John Lennon – peace, love and an intolerance of laughter.


As they describe it, it’s a show “examining the ideas and forces which shape public policy in Britain and abroad”. 
A show that you’ll like: Offence, Power and Progress – social media has made it easier than ever to express offence. Have we all become too sensitive? 

Great Lives

I enjoy hearing about well-known people’s lives, and what makes this extra cool is that you get to hear about one icon from another accomplished person.
A show that you’ll like: Lucy Porter on Cary Grant – the comedian and writer, discusses Cary Grant with his biographer Geoffrey Wansell.

The Media Show

“Social media, anti-social media, breaking news, faking news: this is the programme about a revolution in media, with Amol Rajan, the BBC’s media editor.” It’s always good.
A show that you’ll like: Dark ads and slow news – a discussion on newly announced rules on political Facebook ads

What podcasts would you add to this list?


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