Going viral

Going Viral cartoon. Office scene: Man:

Going viral – it’s the dream of attention and love for our brand.

But we comms pros are not miracle workers.

If the content is important to your colleague/boss/client, but utterly irrelevant to the audience, it won’t fly.

You can help them solve problems, work on ideas and creative that WILL engage audiences, or even modify what we’re given to make it useful, interesting or amusing to a specific group of people.

And you’ll get very good results. Our social media training helps with that.

You can’t however, dump that boring report, non-newsworthy story, or dry-as a cracker project out on the internet and make people like it.

What they’re asking for here, is a fundamental misunderstanding of comms, and the world, because they’re wrapped up in the detail, and high hopes that their work will have any impact.

If you have ever been asked to make something dull go viral, don’t view it as you disappointing someone or not having the talent required.

Banish your inner critic.

You’ve been asked to do something that won’t work.

You are there do a great job, not perform magic.

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