Social media interview questions

16 Social media interview questions: prepare to land that dream job Here are some social media interview questions – so you can prepare for before you go in and get that dream job. I asked some of my wonderful network of comms and social media professionals questions they have been asked, and questions they askedContinue reading “Social media interview questions”

The comms approval process

  If you’ve been through the comms approval process a few times, you’ll know: the pain is real. Getting through layers of people to edit and sign-off a piece of content – whether it’s a video, a design, a press release or other copy – it can be excruciating. They’ll drain all the life outContinue reading “The comms approval process”

The comms unicorn

The comms unicorn exists! This comms unicorn is often the cartoon people remember me for. I drew it because I can’t count the number of times people have said to me ‘do your comms magic on this’, or ‘sprinkle some stardust on that’. Maybe sometimes it can feel like it trivialises our work. Because weContinue reading “The comms unicorn”

Building comms confidence

Building comms confidence is as important as developing skills, if you really want to get maximum impact. I can often be found researching and testing ways to build confidence in comms professionals, as part of my work delivering social media training. At a CommsHero event a few years ago, I heard that the brand InnocentContinue reading “Building comms confidence”

Going viral

Going viral – it’s the dream of attention and love for our brand. But we comms pros are not miracle workers. If the content is important to your colleague/boss/client, but utterly irrelevant to the audience, it won’t fly. You can help them solve problems, work on ideas and creative that WILL engage audiences, or evenContinue reading “Going viral”

Comms is not common sense

I’ve heard a few people say that communications is common sense. It’s not. #comms is not common sense — Comms Creatives (@commscreatives) February 24, 2021 It could apply to lots of jobs I suppose, but it’s particularly an issue for us, because some of our colleagues think they could do it themselves (or theirContinue reading “Comms is not common sense”

How to deal with procrastination?

Ever wonder how to deal with procrastination? Me too. Here’s how procrastinating shows up in my work: I get stuff done. But this is the only way I know how. Just me? — Hel Reynolds (@HelReynolds) September 25, 2020 Lots of people have told me they experience this too. I’ve realised a few thingsContinue reading “How to deal with procrastination?”

The ‘commsplanation’: duff advice from the non comms colleague

I made up a word: “commsplanation’. Have you ever been commsplained? It’s where someone who is less qualified than you, or less experienced, explains something to you. They get hold of the tiniest amount of knowledge, and suddenly they’re giving you opinions so misinformed, so utterly clueless that you want to boot them up theContinue reading “The ‘commsplanation’: duff advice from the non comms colleague”

Comms strategy: when dreams don’t match reality

I hope you know that you’re not alone if you find your comms strategy dream does not always match the reality. I drew a doodle to illustrate this.   If you’re a comms pro, social media manager, or marketing person, you might think, ‘How do other people do amazing work so effortlessly?’. The thing is,Continue reading “Comms strategy: when dreams don’t match reality”

Comms and PR stress, and the workload dilemma

Stress is often seen as part of the job of being a communications, PR and marketing professional. But I don’t think the pressure we face is healthy, or even necessary. Sometimes, the people who love their jobs most, are the most stressed out. My focus is on training people to be more creative, fearless andContinue reading “Comms and PR stress, and the workload dilemma”