Social media strategy: a guide

We all know we need a social media strategy for our organisations.   But when you’re a busy communications professional juggling all the work, it’s hard to set aside time for strategising.   However, investing effort now to plan your brand’s social media will dramatically improve your results.   But where to start? How willContinue reading “Social media strategy: a guide”

Social media interview questions

16 Social media interview questions: prepare to land that dream job Here are some social media interview questions – so you can prepare for before you go in and get that dream job. I asked some of my wonderful network of comms and social media professionals questions they have been asked, and questions they askedContinue reading “Social media interview questions”

Funny tweets from nonprofit brands

People don’t expect funny tweets from nonprofit brands. They think serious, solemn communications is all that’s appropriate when our mission is for social good. But as I wrote a few weeks back, humour should be part of your social media strategy, no mater what you are promoting. Bold, funny content is everywhere! It seems likeContinue reading “Funny tweets from nonprofit brands”

Building comms confidence

Building comms confidence is as important as developing skills, if you really want to get maximum impact. I can often be found researching and testing ways to build confidence in comms professionals, as part of my work delivering social media training. At a CommsHero event a few years ago, I heard that the brand InnocentContinue reading “Building comms confidence”

Going viral

Going viral – it’s the dream of attention and love for our brand. But we comms pros are not miracle workers. If the content is important to your colleague/boss/client, but utterly irrelevant to the audience, it won’t fly. You can help them solve problems, work on ideas and creative that WILL engage audiences, or evenContinue reading “Going viral”

Why humour on social media should be part of your strategy

People tell me that they can’t do humour on social media, or any fun content, because their comms is for an organisation that does important work. “It’s very serious indeed, the tone would be way off if we were to get all jokey” “We can’t be light-hearted when our work helps people going through darkContinue reading “Why humour on social media should be part of your strategy”

The future of PR & communications: 2020 & beyond

As a creative PR and comms trainer, I’m often asked, ‘What is the future of PR and communications?’ It’s a fun and daunting topic to explore. Will tech advances change the industry completely? Will robots steal our jobs? How can we change to future-proof our careers and our companies? The truth is: I haven’t gotContinue reading “The future of PR & communications: 2020 & beyond”