Comms strategy: when dreams don’t match reality

I hope you know that you’re not alone if you find your comms strategy dream does not always match the reality. I drew a doodle to illustrate this.   If you’re a comms pro, social media manager, or marketing person, you might think, ‘How do other people do amazing work so effortlessly?’. The thing is,Continue reading “Comms strategy: when dreams don’t match reality”

The future of PR & communications: 2020 & beyond

As a creative PR and comms trainer, I’m often asked, ‘What is the future of PR and communications?’ It’s a fun and daunting topic to explore. Will tech advances change the industry completely? Will robots steal our jobs? How can we change to future-proof our careers and our companies? The truth is: I haven’t gotContinue reading “The future of PR & communications: 2020 & beyond”

Social media for a royal wedding – behind the scenes

These days during huge news events, we are all scrolling through social media to find out the latest updates and see photos of what’s going on. As Princess Eugenie’s upcoming wedding is fast-approaching, I think about the local council’s communications team. What a huge job it must be to do social media for a royal wedding, helping:Continue reading “Social media for a royal wedding – behind the scenes”

Creating a communications strategy – advice from a comms specialist

The first time I was asked to get creating a communications strategy, I was super intimidated by the task. It seemed so important and I had no idea what to include until I’d spent about four hours Googling the topic! I don’t see much written about the experience of working on a communications strategy, soContinue reading “Creating a communications strategy – advice from a comms specialist”

The creative communications strategy

We can make a real difference to the impact of our comms by working to a creative communications strategy. The thing about being involved in your organisation’s strategy is, it’s all so serious, and the results can often feel conventional and just STANDARD. But we are creative comms people, and ‘typical’ just won’t cut it. Continue reading “The creative communications strategy”