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the comms unicorn cartoon: Show unicorn in suglasses with the caption: flies over chaos, poos insights, sweats engaging contentThe comms unicorn exists!

This comms unicorn is often the cartoon people remember me for.

I drew it because I can’t count the number of times people have said to me ‘do your comms magic on this’, or ‘sprinkle some stardust on that’.

Maybe sometimes it can feel like it trivialises our work.

Because we know we’re serious professionals, working strategically, developing our skills, solving problems, testing things out and learning as we go.

We work in the real world.

But what the hell – we’re often a bit bloody magical in what we manage to achieve.

So I guess we may as well go with it, so say it loud with me:

‘We are splendid comms unicorns doing amazing things!’

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