South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s Burger King spoof is content of the week

by | Dec 4, 2020

This week we’re celebrating a cheeky and fun Facebook post from South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue (SYFR)!

If it seems familiar, but you can’t put your finger on it, it’s a parody of the Burger King tweet that went viral a few weeks ago.

The Burger King tweet caught people’s attention because it was encouraging their customers to eat in other fast food joints. That’s a surprise that their followers weren’t expecting.

So – if you’d seen the Burger King tweet, you’d react to the SYFR post with a knowing smile.

If you hadn’t, you would think ‘Why does this fire service message look like Burger King?’

Either way, SYFR stopped thumbs scrolling past and got their point across.

Great stuff.

And remember, readers – test your alarms!

How you might use this as creative inspiration for your social media one day?

Open your eyes to the zeitgeist!

If everyone is talking about an ad or social media post from a completely different brand one day, maybe you can jump on it, and create a witty spoof?

Special mention

Big shoutout to Natahsa Calder and team at Wigan Council who, inspired by a recent Creativity Coffee Break newsletter, created this neat little caligram 👏👏👏




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