The comms Christmas gift list

Dec 17, 2019

If you’re anything like me, you do your shopping at the very last minute.  And maybe you save time by wrapping your gifts in scrunched tinfoil… just me?!

Anyway, if you want to get a little something for your comms colleagues, here are are a few ideas.

Make creative comms person in your life smile!

Bought all your Christmas presents already? Just treat yourself. You deserve it.

I got many of the suggestions here from gorgeous people on Twitter, so thanks to them.

My top 10 comms Christmas presents

1. A lovely notebook, obviously

No comms person can have too many notebooks.

I’ve got more than I can ever possibly write in and I’m not even embarrassed.

There are very cool limited edition jotters from Moleskine (at time of writing there are some good David Bowie and Harry Potter ones).

I’m LUSTING after the leopardprint notebook from Papier, and all of their notebooks actually.

And I can very much relate to the ‘My brain has too many tabs open’ notebook from Paperchase.

Thanks @WillStone_UK, @SimonMonger and @LinzeeN for the suggestions.

2. Help a child learn and play

Without education and the chance to play, we wouldn’t be the creative communicators we are today.  It will make a very special gift to give a child in need a backpack, 10 exercise books, 10 pencils, a football, a skipping rope and a story book. Available from the Unicef website.

3. A nice mug

My Comms approval process mug is available to buy. They can sometimes take a few weeks to ship so make sure you order well in advance, so you have time to hand over the goodies.

Also, some of the Grammar Grumbles mugs from the Literary Gift Company will be a guaranteed winner.

These mugs are more desirable than a Huw Edwards and Idris Elba sandwich. I’m figuratively dying to own them!

An excellent suggestion from @mr_protozoa and @Word_Service.

4. Multi connect cables

No comms pro can be without charge, and this is the ultimate multi-purpose solution for all the devices.

Thanks to @stevierentplus1 @BethComms and @rhncafc for this suggestion.

@Mandypearse made the brilliant point that you should have an extra long charging cable so you can reach a socket in meeting rooms and cafés.

Buy one of those too, and you have the ultimate practical gift.

5. An amazing Comms Creatives online course 

If your boss wants to get you something that makes you feel confident, fearless and proud of your work, there is no better way.

Who wouldn’t want to become a member of the Social Media Managers Academy, for year-round training, inspiration and creative support?

Join a masterclass perhaps.

Or there are practical online courses on social media content, strategy, internal comms, or any social media topic you want – an investment that will change your career.

6. A Rocketbook

This is, as far as I can tell, an endlessly re-usable digital notebook, that I have heard nothing but good things about.

I want one and if Rocketbook are reading: yes please! Our address in on the website.

Cheers @CMCourard for this idea.

7. All Things IC Workbook journal

Tailored for internal communicators, this fantastic workbook encourages you to be a strategic and thoughtful communicator.

It’s an A5 decision making tool that is an essential bit of kit for the discerning IC pro.

8. ‘Didn’t lose my shit’ bravery sticker.

This one is will make a nice cheap gift for a colleague who needs some kind of recognition for keeping their head in chaotic, weird or bananas situations.

It was the fab @sophiebowyer5 who suggested the Emily McDowell collection, which has lots of fun stuff in it.

9. Janet Murray’s social media diary and planner

Map out your content for the year with this social media diary from business supremo Janet.

It comes with all sorts of advice and support that is aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs but is also very handy for the corporate communicator or marketer too.

10. Nice booze, coffee and chocolate

Needs no explanation, this is our staple diet.


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