Social media training designed to ban boring corporate comms

Hello, I’m Hel Reynolds (on the left), award-winning social media expert trainer, international speaker on TV, radio and podcasts, avid doodler and founder of Comms Creatives.

And this is my big sister, Lesley – a former primary school teacher and mum to a little boy.

She’s my organised right-hand woman who handles the business and student support side of things. I love working with my sister and I’m very proud to have her working alongside me.

Clients love her too because she’s fun and always happy to help and support them.

Together, we’ve helped hundreds of corporate comms pros in orgs such as BBC Studios, Macmillan Cancer Support, and Scottish Power to:

    • inject much needed creativity into their social media
    • increase their online reach and engagement
    • and have lots of fun in the process!

Along with a small team of expert comms and marketing professionals, we’re on a quest to bring inspiration, support and most importantly – creativity back to your life and work as a comms pro.

The thing about working in social media…

This scenario may be familiar:

Your Chief Exec and other colleagues think it’s easy to work in social media and comms.

They sometimes have unrealistic expectations and don’t appreciate what you do.

Maybe they say things like:

  • ‘I could do your job!’
  • ‘You just hang around on Twitter and TikTok all day’
  • ‘Why can’t you make my 600-page finance report go viral?

You’re a highly skilled, talented and creative comms pro but being constantly told otherwise can dent your confidence and make you feel like an imposter!

Creative ideas you have for a social media post need input from or sign-off by various execs up the corporate ladder.

Once boring quotes have been added and certain words replaced for being too casual and informal, they end up sucking the life out of what would have been a good piece of content.

And it bears no resemblance to your original idea!

You know putting out the same dull, jargon spouting corporate posts won’t work and engage your audience.

As a result, you don’t get the engagement and results you deserve from your social media.

You feel like your creative mojo is being lost and stifled at every turn by formality, corporate rules or worry that you might hot the wrong tone.

The creative spark is missing because we can feel too scared to take risks and try anything new.

You might feel overtired, overworked, unsupported and unappreciated.

Something has to give.

Rediscover creativity, inspiration and support

In just under 10 years, we’ve built an incredible community of like-minded comms pros in our ‘Comms Creatives Academy’, and we’d love you to join us in there.

When you join, you’ll get:

  • All year round access to our complete library of social media courses
  • NEW live monthly training sessions and content clinics where you can come and ask us anything
  • Monthly 60-minute creative experiences just for fun and letting your hair down
  • A social media content calendar for year-round inspirational posts
  • Bonus resources and templates
  • Support from like minded peers who become firm friends
  • Expert tips and advice from guest experts and me – an award-winning social media trainer!
  • An exclusive welcome goodie box

For a taste of what to expect from Comms Creatives Academy, you can book onto one of our upcoming courses.

Are you ready to inject more creativity and new strategies into your corporate comms?

Why I started Comms Creatives

I started working in comms for a local council in 2005.

My first taste of social media comms was back in 2007, where I worked on a MySpace page dedicated to getting people to help a council restore a town hall.

I was obsessed with the opportunities social media presented.

And my lovely Chief Exec at the time gave me the freedom to experiment and try new things.

We started getting loads of attention as an organisation and winning awards.

I was really making things up as I went along, and learning the strategic basics by studying for a CIPR Diploma.

I left the council for a comms job in the private sector. I just knew it wasn’t right for me – it was all so formal and I had no freedom to be creative in my work.

The final straw was when I was asked to speak at the ‘CommsHero’ conference and my new manager told me I couldn’t do it.

I quit the next week and then and set up Comms Creatives.

Going online with our training online

In 2018, my chronic illnesses (I have psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia) meant that constant travelling and carrying out face-to-face training was becoming more and more difficult.

That’s when we took our social media training fully online and I brought Lesley in to help me design the best learning experience.

Our first online course was on Zoom and we live streamed it into a Facebook group.

This was all very new and cutting edge at the time – now everybody is doing it!

Our first cohort of students loved it and told us they’d got great results from the training.

One of our students posted a certificate her boss had given her on LinkedIn.

She told us she had Crohn’s disease and would never have been able to take part in our training if it had been in person.

She loved the fact that it was flexible and could fit it in around her life when she was feeling well.

That was a really proud moment for me because I took something that was a problem for me and turned it into something that was even better than the way we were doing it before.

It turns out that some of our students have the same issues and have benefitted from us going online too!

Book a no-obligation 20 minute chat if you have any questions about our courses or the Academy.

Or if you’re already convinced,  give one of our fun and creative comms courses a go and rediscover your mojo again! 


Book an expert speaker on social media creativity in comms

Here’s a quick bio:

“Hel Reynolds is an experienced keynote conference speaker, chair and workshop host.

She’s spoken at hundreds of high-profile events all over the world and online including Social Day (London), Nato’s Social Media Conference (Podgorica), CommsHero (Cardiff, Manchester, London and online).

Hel also enjoys the thrill of appearing on TV, radio and podcasts to give her unique take on topical social media, communications and professional creativity.” 

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Those comms cartoons

Comms cartoons are a great example of how we can use creativity to make sense of the world, and engage our audiences.  I find drawing things helps  me describe problems and communicate ideas.

My comms cartoons have featured in The IoIC’s Voice magazine, countless conference talks, and various comms and marketing newsletters.