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We all know we need a social media strategy for our organisations.

But when you’re a busy communications professional juggling all the work, it’s hard to set aside time for strategising.

However, investing effort now to plan your brand’s social media will dramatically improve your results.

  • But where to start?
  • How will you know you’ve covered everything?
  • What is the best approach for your brand?

To celebrate the launch of our Social Media Strategist Course this October, we’re giving away our free Social Media Strategy guide that shows you everything you need to include in your social media strategy.

You also get to see how our unique TIGERS model works.

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Create a social media strategy that gets results.

We have released this guide to help public service professionals get better results from their social media.

You can also join the online course in October 2021 if you don’t want to go it alone.

You’ll get live coaching, inspiring lessons and support to write yours.

No fear.
No procrastination.
We’ll do it together.

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