Council’s social media illustration is content of the week

Nov 26, 2020

I want to talk about social media illustration and cartoons in your comms.

It seems relatively rare!

We see so many social media graphics that are kind of like mini-posters.

Designed in something like Canva, or as requested of your fab graphic design team if you’re lucky enough to have expert designers on your team.

But I think we overlook drawings and doodles, created by hand or using software for illustration.

Of course, I WOULD say that, as I am always posting my cartoons and scribbles – I call them  @CommsCartoons.

This tweet from Shropshire Council is our content of the week and a great example of use of illustration.

In a sea of similar public health messages, audiences are getting better at filtering out anything they feel they’ve heard before.

But this is a witty attention-grabber!

Shoutout to the Shropshire Council comms team behind this, especially Gareth Jones, who I have been a fan of for many years.

It’s reached and engaged a bigger audience than usual, and indicates to residents that their council has personality, and can reference popular culture in a relatable, relevant and fun way.

People will like and enjoy it.

How much council content can people say they actively, positively like and enjoy?

As we teach in the Social Media Managers Academy, getting your audience to like you helps enormously in building trust.

So it’s a top tweet.

Plus, the artist is local, so by working with this illustrator the council comms team is:

  • Championing and highlighting someone that local people will know or will be interested to know about
  • Supporting the role of the council in stimulating local enterprise
  • Commissioning someone who knows the area and its culture, and is more likely to create content that resonates with their audience

Can illustration inspire your creativity?

  • Maybe you can experiment with using  illustration to make a point in a slightly different way that the usual graphics or posters?With Christmas coming up, it could be a good time to draw or paint something that you can use as a social festive message.
  • Or maybe you can think about collaborating with or commissioning a creative person within your audience?Bringing in a different person to help with a small project often injects a new and interesting perspective or creative message.
This is a small sample of the kind of creative thinking we’re exploring in our Boost Your Creativity Masterclass.  Take the masterclass now!


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