The best church social media content

Feb 19, 2021

You can learn a lots from the best church social media, no matter what kind of organisation you work for.

I’ve noticed a lot of church-type content in my homefeeds lately, like this sign in a cathedral that got shared all over social media.

Social Media Comms Academy member, Matt Batten, runs a vibrant Twitter feed for Llandaff Diocese that is full of support, and love, and vibrancy. It’s some of the best best church social media I’ve seen.

And really, we shouldn’t surprised religious organisations would be good at social media, as building communities is something they’ve been doing for centuries.

I’m not a believer myself, but I have fond memories of my Catholic upbringing, and I do love seeing more inclusive and welcoming comms from religious institutions.

So anyway: this week, we have a user generated content of the week – from the Church Of England.

Kaya Burgess @kayaburgess on Twitter · Feb 16 "The Church of England has launched an Instagram filter allowing people to superimpose a digital ash cross onto their foreheads in selfies while people can't mark Ash Wednesday in church"

Instagram is a place that can make people feel inadequate or unhappy comparing themselves to others, so it’s a great place to add a filter that brightens it up and help people feel better about themselves.

Like with a lot of good not-for-profit comms – not everyone is going to like this.

For everyone who thinks it devalues something holy, there are others who love a fresh way to express their faith.

The greatest comms pros know things are worth doing even if they don’t please everyone

By the way, if you’re interested in developing your organisation’s Instagram account, you should take our Instagram For Brands 90 Minute Masterclass.

Joint place for content of the week goes to Durham Cathedral

 Durham Cathedral @durhamcathedral tweets: "We're sacred and we know it [Church emoji] ( @JayHulmePoet , we couldn't resist)"

When your audience is chatting with you in a light-hearted way, it’s a 100% legit opportunity to respond playfully and have a bit of fun.

It makes you more approachable, which is a good thing in a time when many may be looking for spiritual guidance.

Thanks Rachael Stray for sharing this.

Oh, and special mention this week goes to the poor old Kit Kat Social Media Manager.

 KITKAT @KITKAT on Twitter: Feb 16 - "We couldn't keep it a secret any longer, so we're happy to say the rumours are true.. KITKAT Vegan is COMING SOON! EyesWho's excited?!* *Ps. A personal thanks to the person who leaked this product launch, our Social Media Manager hasn't been able to Have A Break since Friday [Winking face]"
When I started in comms, it was often said that we must stay behind the scenes at all times, and the brand should be up front.

But on social media, your audiences like knowing the human that is behind the account.

I think it was really relatable, and a clever thing to say to get the audience feeling like they’re on KitKat’s side.

I’m actually obsessed with their Twitter account, so I may blog in more detail about that in the next week or so.

If Kit Kat people are reading this and wish to thank me for the mention in the form of chocolate, I’m OK that.


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